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As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve had my Netflix account since about 2002.  It all started when my husband and I were on a game show (different episodes) called Beat the Geeks.  One of the “party” gifts (side note, when I told my sister what we got as PARTING gifts, she told me she always thought they said “party” gifts), was 2 free months of Netflix.  Since we were different contestants, we both got them.  Way back in 2002 though we had never before heard of Netflix, there was no streaming (just the mailed discs), and we were completely smitten.  12 years later, we still have our subscription, although we have opted out of the discs in favor of just straight streaming now.

This year, I’m giving the gift of Netflix to just about everyone on my Christmas list.  Here is why…

1. Something that literally ANYONE can use.  If you already have a subscription, you’ll get a few months off of paying!  If you don’t have a subscription already, you can check it out for a while without it costing any money.  Warning though, it’s a little like drugs in the “first taste is free, then it’s going to cost you” kind of way.  There are so many devices you can watch your Netflix subscription on that you will definitely not be lacking in a way to view it.  Whether it’s your phone, tablet, smart TV, gaming system, computer, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, etc etc etc, you WILL find a way to view the content.

2. It’s the gift that keeps on giving, Clark.  Unlike the Jelly of the Month club, this is a gift you’d actually want to keep on giving.  Depending on how much you are willing to pay, that person can enjoy your gift not just in December, but for at least a few months afterwards too!

3. It’s slightly more “gifty” than other gift cards.  Here’s what I mean… I get a gift card to Target, there’s a good chance it ends up getting spent on toothpaste and deodorant.  Not that I can’t afford toothpaste and deodorant, it’s just that I go there to run errands, look in my wallet and go “oh yeah!  I have a gift card!”  With a Netflix gift subscription there is zero chance it gets spent on day to day necessities.  No one NEEDS a Netflix subscription (well… that could be debated), but they definitely appreciate it if they can have it for free!

4. Easy to wrap.  Although I AM a professional wrapper (back when I was first married I had a job at a card store where we offered paid gift wrapping services), it’s a pain to do a really good job wrapping something.  With a gift card, card inside card, done.

5. Most teachers and other folks WANT gift cards.  To quote Rachel from friends…

Rachel: Well isn’t it better that I exchanged it for something that I enjoy and that I can get a lot of use out of?
Ross: What did you get?
Rachel: Credit.

6. Netflix is awesome.  It has a vast collection of TV shows and movies.  9 times out of 10 when I’m looking for an older show to watch again, Netflix has it, and other services do not.  So many movies and TV shows available at your fingertips!

So take it from someone who has been a Netflix subscriber for 12 years.  It’s really the perfect gift for anyone this holiday season!  You can pick up the subscription cards easily from Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Gamestop, or just check out the store locater on Netflix’s website.

Disclosure: Although I’m a member of the Netflix StreamTeam, I am not being compensated for my participation in the program.  I have been using my own money for the service for 12 years, and will continue to do so after the free year they gave me is expired.  I will also be using my own money for the gift subscriptions I’ll be purchasing for teachers and family this year!


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