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I LOVE apps. I mean, I really really love apps. I can often be found browsing through the Google Play store in search of new apps that will change my life. This is good news for you, because really, under every single category, I have tried ALL the apps that accomplish the same types of goals. Need a to do list, I’ve tried them all, want an awesome calendar, I’ve got you covered. I even have a separate phone in my house that doesn’t have service just so I can test apps out. I don’t want to clutter up my real phone with apps that I don’t end up liking. If it makes the grade though, I’ll download it on my phone.

So, what criteria do I use when selecting apps that I LOVE? First, the user interface has GOT to be modern. If I look at the screen shots of an app, and it looks like it was designed for website from 1997, It’s not going to get downloaded for sure. Really, if it doesn’t have the new “material” design, it’s usually not getting a download from me.

Cost is another factor, of course. Many apps are free, with in-app purchases, which I’m very ok with. As I do test out a lot of apps, I have been known to pay a few dollars for an app just to test it. I think I draw the line around $10. What is funny, is I don’t think twice about buying something at the grocery store for ten dollars, but paying ten dollars for an app!! ┬áHeaven forbid! I use Google Opinion Rewards, which gives me money for answering questions from time to time. Luckily I usually have some cash stored up in my Google Play account from that, which I use in purchasing apps. One super awesome thing about Google Play is that I have us set up on the Google Family Plan which means that when I set certain Google accounts as family members, if I purchase an app under my account, it is now available for the rest of my family to download as well.

I also make sure to read some recent reviews of the app. You can learn a lot from reading several reviews, and I like to sort the reviews by most recent, because if an update completely broke the app, the recent reviews will definitely let you know. I also check to see when the app was last updated. No matter how awesome your app is, there is always room for improvement, so I like to see recent updates to apps.

Lastly, the app needs to solve a problem for me. Does it help me organize my life? Will it provide entertainment? Does it allow me to communicate better? In finding the solution to a specific need or problem I usually also browse through the “similar apps” on the app’s page so I can see what else is out there that accomplishes the same task.

A friend of mine recently wanted me to show her all the apps I use on my phone and why I use them, so she could get her life totally dialed in too. So this week will be all about the apps that I love to use! I’m sure you’ll find some things that will change your life too.

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