How Flipboard will Change Your Life


Imagine a newspaper that is delivered to your home that is full of all the news you actually care about. If you have no interest in sports, no problem! There won’t be that section. You want an entire section dedicated to fuzzy cats, you can have it!

Flipboard has been part of my phone for a while.  My Sister even had to enlist my help in getting it turned off on her S5.  I didn’t mind it so much, but rarely swiped over to that part of my phone (on the Samsung phones swiping to the right from my homescreen brings up the Flipboard magazine).  I’m now rocking my S7 Edge (which I ADORE), and am finding that Flipboard is quickly becoming my most used app.

So, here’s the thing.  I “liked” a whole bunch of Facebook pages, right?  It was the thing to do to get updates from your favorite brands and read their latest posts.  Facebook, though, is really good at pretty much one thing.  Giving me an excellent place to keep in contact with everyone I’ve met in my life.  Want to ask my roomate from when I lived in Florida, working at Disney World a question?  There she is.  Want to coordinate a 20 year high school reunion, there they all are.  It’s really a great communication tool.

What it’s not so great at, is showing me stuff that I didn’t know I wanted to read.  Discovery is Facebook’s problem right now.  The reason it is terrible at discovery is that there are so many people on Facebook, and so much content on Facebook, that it’s impossible for it to show you EVERYTHING.  I get it.  For sure.  It’s trying to show you what it thinks you want to see the most.  The problem with this, is that I end up missing a lot of what I actually want to see.

The other problem Facebook has is news. There has been so many complaints that Facebook was curating the “trending” topics too heavily, or too biased, so they went a more automated route, and now they are trending topics or news articles that are completely false. The truth is, it’s not a great way to keep up on news or the topics you are really interested in.

Flipboard is seriously my favorite news outlet now. Not only do I find all the news I really care about, I am able to push the news out I think people who follow me would also care about. I have 6 magazines that I regularly update…

Work It is all about exercise moves and ideas
Gamers Corner is about gaming news
Blogger’s Mag is a great resource for bloggers
Entertain Us is about entertainment news and technology
Get Organized will help you organize your life
Family Tech is all about the news that will be interesting for families

Go ahead and follow all of them if you want, or just pick the topics that are interesting to you! You can then select more topics within the app that you want to follow, and voila! Your very own curated newspaper/magazine! I really love using it on my tablet, but my phone works just as well! I KNOW you will love it too!

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Sarah Werle Kimmel

Sarah Werle Kimmel is a digital parenting coach and family tech expert. She has spent the last 20 years of her career working as a Microsoft Certified IT Manager supporting over 100 small businesses. During that time she started Family Tech LLC to help families understand and manage the technology in their home. She has regularly appeared as a family tech expert on local NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX news affiliates, BYUtv and Studio 5, and has been invited all over the world from tech companies like Lenovo, Verizon, Microsoft, Dell, and Samsung. Find out more on her website


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  • How do you know if you’ve already read something in Flipboard? I need a sign like the article being grayed out or something. I haven’t found that in Flipboard yet. Please let me know if there is a mark as read function. Then I’m in.