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While my own kids aren’t quite in the target demographic of this toy, I do have 2 nephews that were more than willing to give this new toy the once over for my blog.  It came in the mail, and I brought it straight over to my sister’s house.  I read in the instructions that the batteries were not included, but it turned on right away, so there are some basic  batteries installed in the toy to begin with, so he was able to start playing with it right away.

The materials that are associated with the toy when you open it state that you should plug it into your computer right away!  So at first I thought you weren’t supposed to do anything with it before you plugged it into the computer.  My 8 year old nephew was so excited to play with it though, that he kept using the remote control to move it around as I was trying to plug it into the computer.  So, if your kids are anything like my nephew, you can let them play with it for a while before you get going with the more fun parts of the Mechatar.

We first went online and created my nephew an account on the Mechatars website.  Then as I had the Mechatar plugged into the computer, it was supposed to recognize the Mechatar and install some software.  It was not seeing the toy though.  I thought maybe there was a problem with the USB port in my sister’s computer, but she said it usually works fine.  So we tried the computer they have upstairs.  It still wasn’t recognizing that anything was plugged into the computer.  (All the while my nephew kept trying to drive the Mecatar around while it was connected to the computer, because he just could not wait!)  I finally figured out that the part that plugs into the toy wasn’t seated all the way into the plug.  That is my first complaint about the toy (which isn’t a big deal), is that you can’t really see the USB port on the toy so you think it may be plugged in, but it really took a bit more force to get it actually plugged in.

Once the Mechatar was actually plugged in, the computer recognized it right away and downloaded and installed the software and drivers for it.  My ONLY other complaint was that it was a bit tricky to get to the part where you actually SYNC the Mechatar with it’s online persona.  You had to jump through all these hoops to get to that particular screen.  Mainly the hoops were helping you to set up your character online and teaching you how to do things, but for an 8 year old little boy that just wanted to start playing it took a lot of time to get there.  Maybe if I would have just let him play with it to begin with and THEN tried to set it all up it wouldn’t have seemed like such a long time.

Once we got it synced and I finally let him play, he was excited!  By this time my 12 year old nephew had also joined in the fun.  They pressed the mission button and completed their mission with the toy!  Just check out the video of them completing the mission, and find out what they like best about it…

One thing I really wanted them to be able to test out is the live battles.  When two friends each have a Mechatar, the toy will recognize the other toy and they can initiate a battle!  Depending on the weapons and missions you have completed in the online world, will likely determine the winner of the battle.  The more experienced Mechatar will emerge victorious!

Now that you want one for your own kids, the good news is that I am giving one away!  ($40 value)  Normally I do not do giveaways anymore, but I’m making an exception for this company.  To enter to win…

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