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I Have a “Studio”!

I want to add more visually appealing content to my blog, and thus my studio was born. I’ve had a great webcam for quite some time, a Microsoft LifeCam HD, but the lighting in my house has always left MUCH to be desired. I recently acquired a great new DSLR camera, and wanted to find a backdrop for both my Vlogs and to use for pictures of products. My next problem (in addition to my lack of a backdrop) was the lighting in my house. I could do everything outside, but it’s going to start getting cold… very soon, and I don’t do well in the cold. So right around the time I was trying to figure out my lighting issues, Verilux contacted me to review their SmartLight! I read up on it, and noticed it boasted Natural Light!  This is exactly the kind of light I was looking for to use in my “studio”.  I agreed to review their product and was excited when it arrived!

The next thing I did was get a large piece of poster board from Office Depot, set up my webcam on a picture frame, and got the lamp in exactly the right position… low and behold, my studio was born!  Check it out for yourself!

Next, I’m going to paint the backdrop a couple different colors for some variety, and I may even get some wallpaper for some fun backdrops!  So thus my studio is born.  Visually appealing content…coming right up!


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  • I have lighting issues in my house big time, it looks like you’ve created an almost whitebox like space or yourself. Thanks for the review, that lamp looks like what I need here.

  • Love it!
    I step up a space downstairs for product shots, and even got spotlights and everything… then my husband stole my studio lights (not nearly as cool as yours!) and put them for “back-lighting” for his xbox kinect. Weirdo.