littleBits Announces 3 New Kits For Kids

There are many companies that are helping kids get excited about STEM. One of our favorites, littleBits, has been releasing amazing products lately like the Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, that encourage kids to unleash their creativity through inventions. Today the company is launching 3 more products “that challenge kids to build fun, playful inventions and give them the lifelong skills necessary to change the world.”

As we mentioned previously, we already love the littleBits sets we currently own. Each set includes various building blocks that are magnetic, making them extremely easy for kids to connect. The pieces also say exactly what they do right on them, so if the “bits” get all mixed up, you will still understand which bit has a light sensor and which one can produce sounds.

The 3 kits announced today include:

The Base Inventor Kit

The base kit is a great introduction into the littleBits world. Recommended for kids 8 and older, the kit includes 25 pieces that can be used interchangeably with other kits from littleBits. The accompanying app has over 12 activities that will walk your child through various inventions to help them understand how the bits can work together to create the project. One of the projects is a fun robotic arm that your child can create from scratch and use around the house.

After the initial projects are complete, kids are then challenged to create their own inventions to improve their home, help their community, or save the environment.

Electronic Music Inventor Kit

If you have a music lover in your house, you may want to consider the Electronic Music Inventor Kit instead. According to the company, kids can build and customize a rockin’ synth guitar using littleBits electronic building block. Once they understand how the guitar works, they can transform it into brand new instruments from their imagination such as hands-free air drums or some completely new type of instrument. This kit is also recommended for children over 8 years old and includes 26 pieces.

Space Rover Inventor Kit

For the space explorer in your house, the space rover is sure to be a hit. With over 34 pieces included in this set, your child can perform over 30 different activities through the Inventor App. Once your child understands the framework of how the vehicles work through the activities, they can start creating their own space vehicles to help collect space rocks in your yard or detect aliens (or big sisters).

Each of these inventor kits and the previously released kits come complete with the Bits, paper templates for the various projects, accessories, a 9V battery, and instructions on how to find and download the free inventor app. The app, available for iOS and Android, has activities with step-by-step instructions and tutorials that guide kids through the building and customizing of fun inventions that help them unleash their creativity. All of the littleBits inventor kits can be used interchangeably to combine and reconfigure inventions based on your child’s creativity. All of the kits are available on Amazon and

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