Osmo Super Studio Helps Kids Create With Disney Characters

My kids adore the Osmo product. It is literally the ONLY Apple exclusive that I will talk about on my website. I typically request products to be available for Android and iOS before I will mention them on the website, but Osmo has such an amazing product, and their explanation of why they are only available for iOS right now is valid.

There are so many different sized Android tablets with various camera locations that a product like Osmo would be difficult to tailor to each iteration. iPads generally have the same shape and design through the years that you can make something that can work with the tablet and not have to adjust it much to work across the board. I get it.

The main Osmo device is a small attachment for the iPad that fits over the camera. With this attachment in place, you can interact with items below the tablet. The Letters set will allow you to spell out words and have the tablet recognize the text. There are currently several sets that allow you to learn coding, numbers, art and more.

Osmo recently announced a new set that is sure to be a huge hit in my house. The new product is called the Osmo Super Studio and has 3 sets (only the Mickey Mouse set is currently available, with the Incredibles and Princess sets being released next month). The sets are about $20 each if you already have the base or $50 to include it. The same base works with all the previous Osmo sets if you purchase it with the Studio.

The set comes with an erasable¬†sketchpad with several Mickey Mouse & Friends characters. It also comes with a dry-erase marker and erasing cloth. The sketchbook allows you to draw items that will interact with the characters on the screen. You can draw an ice cream cone for Mickey to eat, or a cake for Goofy to deliver. You can even color in special designs for Mickey’s ears or other items.

With each set coming with a different color marker, one can assume that you could potentially use other dry erase markers with more colors inside the sketchbook, but it’s not clear if this is the case or not.

For my Mickey obsessed son though, this set is sure to be a hit. He already has several of the Osmo sets (which we have paid for all of them) and loves to use them. Even the letters and numbers sets that he has surely outgrown still get played with from time to time, but he mainly uses the coding and tangrams games now.

Since he is not as into art as my daughter, this set can also encourage him to improve his drawing, which can definitely help with his motor skills. I can’t wait to get this one for my son and see what he ends up creating with it!

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