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I love to look back and read my journals from when I was younger.  I kept a pretty steady journal all through high school and the first part of college.  I have several.  I love reading through them and laughing about how dramatic I was, or just downright crazy.  Whenever I pick up one of my journals from high school/college I get a little bit sad that I didn’t keep a better journal after I moved to California when I left college.  I really want to know what was going through my mind during those years!  From when I got married, had children, etc, there’s nothing!  I’ve tried to keep a journal from time to time.  I’ve purchased new books, started a private blogger blog to record my thoughts and feelings, but the thing is that I rarely keep up with it.  I try, but it just doesn’t happen on most days.  Just for fun here are some gems from my journals of the past…

9-17-94 (15 yrs old).. “it was so good. But not that good”

9-24-94 …”the roosters were crowing or whatever they do”

9-26-94….”I was sick all day and I had THE worst runny nose of like all time.”

10-24-94…””Today was alright, Well, actually it sucked!”

11-27-94…”I can’t wait to get my own car.  I will never be home, I’ll just be crusin all the time, and once I get a job!  I’ll always have that ready made salad, burritos, cheese & tortillas, and CEREAL!”…. I had some pretty high aspirations!

12-31-94…”I got two letters and I was stoked! (Inside Joke)”  I have NO idea what the inside joke was.  🙂

So the one place I do update regularly is Facebook.  While I’m not going to put super personal thoughts and feelings as a standard status update for everyone to see, a look back through my Facebook posts can give you a great idea of what my life is like, what I enjoy and what I’m doing with friends and family on a daily basis.  Plus there will be pictures from those activities that I’ve uploaded.  Wouldn’t it be fabulous if someone could just compile a book of all of my Facebook activity, and send it to me?  Voila…. INSTANT journal from the last year (or whatever time frame I’ve chosen).  This is what Likebook has done, and it looks AMAZING!!

The process was super easy.  You just head over to and click the link to create a new likebook.  You will need to allow the app access to your Facebook information (I would think this is obvious, just don’t want any surprises for ya).  There will be a slider right in the middle of the screen.  You just slide the start and end point to match the time frame you want to create a book for.

4-23-2013 10-32-46 AM

I also added a few of my other albums, like my instagram uploads and my mobile uploads to the content…

4-23-2013 10-32-59 AM

That was just about ALL it took to create this book.  It truly could not have been any easier.  The user interface is clean and super easy to use and to understand.  You get to check out a preview of how your book will look (usually just about the first month of the book is what you will be able to see).  The pricing is completely reasonable as well.  Even though I did get my first one to help facilitate this review, I am already planning on purchasing one for every year I’ve been on Facebook so far.  It’s like the company gave me drugs… first one’s free… then you gotta pay!  Seriously though, if I had just stumbled across this service, I probably would have shelled out my own money for the first one anyway.  It’s really that cool.  Anyway, enough chatting from me, check out the video above to see the finished product!


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