Levana Baby Monitor Review

A special thank you to out reader Brittney who was willing to try out this hot new baby monitor by Levana! We wish our best to Brittney who is due with baby #2 any moment!

Let me start off by saying I never thought I’d be a paranoid mom.

Maybe you really can’t predict these things, because after my son was born I found myself waking up in the middle of the night, worrying about him having a blanket over his face or with his limbs hanging out the bars of his crib or the million other things that can go wrong in the middle of the night.

Everyone told me to relax, and if he woke up during the night crying to just let him self sooth. So that’s what I did. Until one night I let him cry himself back to sleep and in the morning discovered that he had actually thrown up during the night and that’s why he was upset.

How do you regain peace of mind after something like that?

For me the answer – and comfort- was found through a baby monitor.

When video monitors first came out, I thought they were a silly indulgence. Why do you need to hear and see your baby? But after trying one out… man are they nice to have!

The Levana Safe N’ See Advanced Video Monitor is so great. It has lots of awesome features, like telling you the temperature in the room. (I can finally prove to my husband that our son’s room is too cold and we need to turn the house temperature up!) It also works up to 500 feet away which is fabulous for when I want to work in the yard.

I love the intercom, which allows you to soothe your child from a distance. Or in my case, wake my child up when he is sleeping in too late, without having to trek all the way to his room. As well, there are five recorded lullabies you can play in their room.
There is also a nightlight you can turn on and off from the parent unit, as well as voice-activated control, so the monitor can be off and only turn on when your baby makes noise.

And most importantly – it has a nice big LCD screen with a good camera, so the video picture is very clear.

The only disadvantage that I discovered to this monitor is that there is a loud beep if the parent unit is off and you turn the video unit on.  A mild nuisance which you remember after doing it the first time.

Overall, this is a fabulous monitor and my only regret is not having one sooner! I am really looking forward to using it with our soon to arrive baby, and my three year old son!

Thanks Brittney for trying out the Levana Safe n’ See monitor! To learn more about the Levanan Safe n’ See monitor go here.

Disclaimer: We were not financially compensated for this review, however Brittney was supplied with a monitor for review purposes.

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