Epson MegaPlex MG-50 Projector Review

A while back we ended up moving the TV out of the master bedroom, and into my daughter’s room.  We didn’t watch much TV in our room, and it was nice to be able to put on a movie for her in her own room.  There are no cable hookups in her room, so it’s strictly a Netflix or DVD playing device.  We have still had our DirecTV box in our room, but nothing has been hooked up to it.  I’ve been starting to itch to get it hooked back up again, and now I don’t have to!

Epson contacted me about checking out their latest projector the MegaPlex MG-50.  I forgot that it was coming and was working from home one day when it showed up.  At the time, my home office was in my bedroom, and I just had to hook it up right away.

It was super easy to set up.  Just plug it in and go.  It has HDMI cables input jack , which is pretty much all we use anyway.  I stuck on a cartoon for the kids, and they LOVED it.

Next we really wanted to take this guy out for a spin.  The weather is FINALLY getting warm around here, and my sister and I thought it would be the perfect night for an outdoor movie.  We invited pretty much the entire neighborhood, and watched Night at the Museum 2.

First we were concerned about starting the movie too late.  Most of the kids were under 12, and it doesn’t get dark until pretty late.  So we started the movie when the sun was still up a bit.  As you can see from the photos, we were still able to see the picture quite clearly, even with the amount of sunlight that was still in the sky.  Of course it only got clearer and brighter as the sun went down, but we were very impressed with the quality of the picture.

Most of my movies are Blu-Ray, because I’m obsessed with clear pictures.  I get annoyed when it’s not crisp.  So much so, that when we finally got an HD TV a long time ago, I immediately upgraded our DirecTV service to HD because I couldn’t stand looking at the fuzzy picture that the standard definition channels gave me!  So when I say the picture quality is excellent… I mean it!

Outdoor movie night was obviously a TOTAL hit with the kids. Who else was it a total hit for? Parents. My sister declared it the easiest party ever. Clean up was a super breeze since the kids were outside the whole night. They cooked up a HUGE bag of popcorn, that would usually be all over her family room, but was nicely blended into the grass after the party was over. Plus since the kids stayed outside during the whole party, the house was quiet and we could watch our own movie.

Since the movie night, I’ve moved the projector back into our room.  Now it’s either a special treat for the kids to watch a “projector movie” as they call it.  I have enjoyed being able to catch the shows that my husband won’t be caught dead watching, or being able to watch a little TV in bed on the nights that my husband works.

The only real con to the projector is that it gets HOT.  I really don’t know how much you can prevent this, when basically it’s using a light bulb to project the image.  The fan does a pretty good job, but it’s still pretty darn hot after watching a full movie.  It was definitely easy to position though, and isn’t too big and bulky.  It also has a pretty cool handle, and uses a lens cover that you just flip a little switch to activate.  This makes it super portable.  I will definitely be taking this on our family trip to California later in June so we can try and watch an outdoor movie right on the beach with the whole family.  Pictures will definitely follow!

I wouldn’t use this as my main TV, but it’s perfect for planning fun parties, or a special movie treat for the kids!

Disclaimer: I was given the Epson projector to facilitate my review, but was not compensated in any other way for this post.  All opinions and some of the children are my own.

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