Learning to Deal With My Daughter’s Symptoms of ADHD

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Several months ago we took my daughter to a counselor.  It wasn’t anything we were super concerned about, but she had been crying excessively, and we wanted to try and give her some better coping skills besides the meltdown tears.  While we were in with the counselor, she stated pretty matter of factly, “so what have you been doing to help with the ADHD?”  Not 10 minutes after meeting our child the counselor could not only suspect that my daughter had ADHD, but was so sure of it, that it wasn’t even a question in her mind as to whether or not my daughter had ADHD.  I had always suspected, or wondered if she had it, but it was never so black and white as it was that day.  Seriously, after she said it, it was like so many things in my life now made perfect sense.  Like the fact I never had to do kick counts when I was pregnant with her, because she was CONSTANTLY moving around.

When I heard about this particular campaign for my blog, I definitely jumped at the chance since I’d be able to review something I really wanted to learn more about anyway!  Yippie!  I was asked to check out Lifescript.com, which provides medical information, tips and advice that are all written by professional health writers, experts and physicians.  Of course, since it was stated pretty matter of factly that my daughter had ADHD, I never really researched symptoms of ADHD, but it was nice to be able to check off the symptoms and know for sure, for myself, that it’s definitely what we are dealing with.  Especially the “talks excessively” symptom…. check check and CHECK!  Many of the other items on the list are definitely things that describe my daughter.

My daughter is extremely smart (always tests in the 99th percentile in state standardized tests), so some of my thoughts were that she may just be bored, or she may just need glasses (which we discovered at her Kindergarten entrance physical).   I always pushed an ADD or ADHD diagnosis out of my head explaining it away with these other things.  Looking at all of the symptoms of ADHD though, right there, definitely led me to look into more of how to control it (without medication, which I always said I would NOT do, even though there are powerful ADHD medications available).


I created a checklist for her during the school year, since she couldn’t be counted on to remember everything she needed to do to get ready for the day.  I have now decided (after reading through some of the articles on Lifescript) that I’m going to create a morning and evening checklist for the summer time as well.  She definitely needs this type of structure at all times.  I am also creating a schedule for her to follow during the summer, so she is not constantly snacking and will help her to stay on task when doing chores.

I’m still reading through several more articles, and with some of the tips I’ve read about, my husband and I can get control of her ADHD symptoms and have a much more smoothly flowing household!  I love that there is so much information available to us through technology.  It’s hard to weed out the good information from the bad, and what I really like about Lifescript is that it has reference articles (a huge list of them) at the end of each of their articles, so you know what exactly they are using to back up their claims.

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This is a sponsored post by me on behalf of Lifescript.com.

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