Leap Frog The Human Body Tag System Review

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The Human Body for the Tag Reading System comes in a book shape, but unfolds to a large sturdy poster type of shape.  It also comes with a few interactive sticker sheets, and a wall poster to keep track of your height at various stages of your life.  On the actual “book” itself there are different pages for your skeletal system, muscular system, digestive system, respiratory and circulatory system, and nervous system.  I really like how each one is separated out so that they can learn how each system is tied to all of the parts of your body.

On each system page there is a game you can play that will take you through the process the system goes through.  For example, on the digestive system page, you touch a piece of food and then follow it through your body with the Tag pen.  The pen will explain what is happening in each part of the body to the food to help you understand how each body part functions.

There is another game that is more like a board game and can have 2 players.  You “spin” the spinner and it tells you what color you got on the spinner.  Then you move to that colored square.  The game will ask you questions like “Is it good to eat breakfast?”  You touch either the yes or no icons to answer the questions and proceed in the game.  It’s a really fun way to teach healthy choices to your kids, plus something you can do together!

After playing with the system for a few days my 3 year old son Michael is already able to identify certain organs and parts of the body!  Since he is so young, he just likes to learn about the different parts, but my daughter has really enjoyed playing the different games on each page.   My daughter will tap on the body part with the pen and then stand up real quick and point to the area on her body as the pen starts talking about it.  Since she loves to know EVERYTHING about EVERYTHING, this has been a super fun activity for her to do.  She keeps telling me “Mom, did you know that the stomach has ACID that helps break down food!!”

Both of my kids are really enjoying learning about all of the parts of their body, and what they can do to keep their bodies happy and healthy!  Since the “book” is so sturdy I can see it lasting for quite a while, which is good since my daughter will probably learn everything fairly fast, but my son (at the very low end of the age range for it) can get a ton of use out of it over the next few years.

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