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I am so excited to share with you a new app that officially launched in iTunes just last week.  It’s called Artkive, and it is the easiest and fastest way to store, share, and print your child’s drawings, writing, and artwork.  Such a brilliant idea!

Finally I can stop feeling guilty about “accidentally”  throwing my kids drawings and doodles away. Wahoo! (Just don’t tell my kids I admitted to that, n’kay?)

So here’s the down low on Artkive: It’s a totally free app that works on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad (with a camera of course), and it’s super easy to snap pictures of your child’s work which you archive and preserve.

The app is super user friendly and easy to use. I especially love and appreciate the fact that you can tag your child’s work with their specific name. This is a must for a family with multiple children! I also enjoyed that you can specify their school grade, and what date the art work was created. Did I mention you can title the art work as well? I LOVE this feature since my seven year old is always telling me what she has titled her creations.
If you want to archive your children’s older works of art that are just pilling up in old boxes, you can easily add them your your Artkive album as well. I was a little nervous about this idea since I can’t remember exact dates that my children created their masterpieces. No worries! Just leave the fields blank if you are unsure of exact dates or grades. You can still categorize the art by which child created it.
One of my favorite  features within Artkive is the ability to share favorite drawings with family and friends. Uploading and sharing via email is super easy. Sharing through Facebook and Twitter is not available yet, but will hopefully be comings soon in the next release.
Artkive is also working hard on building future print features. Soon you will able order custom books and other products full of your child’s fabulous creations. I love this idea as you could create a scrapbook of drawings from your child’s first year of preschool, or compile favorite writing and poetry from your teenager. Artkive is also working hard on bringing this fabulous app to the Android market. You can visit Artkive’s website HERE for updates and more information.

To learn more about Artkive and download this fabulous free app, go HERE. You can also watch this hilarious Artkive video on YouTube below. Yeah, it’s awesome.

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