Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming to Xbox and Official Release Date

This week is the video game conference known as E3. All of the latest video game and game console announcements happen this week every year. Including a very much anticipated announcement from Square Enix about Kingdom Hearts 3. Now, I’m not a huge gamer. However, there are 2 video games I really love to play. The first is SSX (mainly the original ones, the latest ones that came out became too complicated, I’m not into the complicated. SSX Tricky is by far my favorite) which is a snowboarding game.

The second game I love to play is Kingdom Hearts. It is basically a Final Fantasy game with a ton of Disney worlds and characters. You travel through most of the game accompanied by Goofy and Donald Duck. Originally released in 2002, Kingdom Hearts was really fun. You play the game as Sora, but you are joined by various other Disney characters throughout the game. The gameplay is fairly simple, which is just my speed. Your main weapon is called the Keyblade, and as you progress through the game you obtain various Keyblades that have designs like the land you obtained it from. For example, once you have completed the land inside Monstro with Pinocchio you get a Keyblade that has stars on it for “wishing on a star”.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: January 29th, 2019

The second game, Kingdom Hearts 2 was released just 3 years later in 2005. Then fans waited, and waited, and waited, for almost 13 years we have been waiting for #3 to be released. That is a really long time to wait for a video game. There have been teaser trailers, rumored release time-frames, and more over the last 13 years. FINALLY, they have announced an official release date of January 29th, 2019. View the trailer below…

The trailer also announces that the game will be coming to Xbox for the first time ever. This game has been a PlayStation exclusive for years, so this is definitely big news.

Some of the worlds that we have seen so far for the new game include a Frozen world, Toy Story, a little bit of Ratatouille, Tangled, Monsters Inc., and some old favorites including Hercules, which is probably the tournament matches like the previous games.

If you haven’t played the previous Kingdom Hearts games (namely 1 and 2, don’t bother with the DS games or the Mobile game… they are totally not the same), you should definitely go check them out. Especially if you love Disney. The company released the games, which were originally for the PS3 on a remastered version for the PS4, so you should be able to pick it up for either system. If you have an Xbox though, you will just have to wait until January to get in on the fun.

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