Instagram Releases Standalone Video App Called IGTV

Instagram released a brand new app, IGTV, that allows content creators to upload longer videos (up to one hour). Will it challenge YouTube?

This week Instagram launched a brand new app that is tightly integrated into the regular Instagram app called IGTV. The standalone app is for long-form videos (meaning longer than the few seconds available with Instagram Stories) and hopes to be a YouTube killer.

IGTV Features:

One thing currently setting the app apart from YouTube is the vertical aspect ratio. While this will be terrible for casting to a TV, it will be a great way to consume content on mobile devices. Instagram is counting on it being a mobile-first platform to help it succeed.

The app itself is tightly integrated into the regular Instagram app. There is a new icon at the top of Instagram with the app logo that will take you directly to IGTV. It is so seamless it feels like you are still inside the regular Instagram app. Also, when someone you follow has created an IGTV video, it will show a link to it on their profile (click the link to follow my Instagram account!).


According to the company IGTV is:

Mobile first: IGTV is built for how you actually use your phone: vertical and full screen.

Simple and intuitive: It starts playing as soon as you open the app. You don’t have to search or browse to get started, and it’s easy to multitask.

Curated: IGTV is focused on the creators you love most and already follow on Instagram.

Anyone can be a creator on IGTV and upload videos in the app or on the web. In the video announcing the new app, Instagram was sure to throw some shade at YouTube. The company mocked YouTube’s aspect ratio (horizontal videos instead of vertical) with a large white block.

What I’ll Be Posting on IGTV

Right now, I’m feeling like posting quick tech news updates on IGTV. I pay attention to the tech news so you don’t have to. I’ll let you know the things that will be of interest for families on my daily news segment. I’ll continue to post app features on my regular Instagram feed. I also send my latest blog posts to my main feed as well. Some of these stories may overlap if there is enough I want to say about a tech news item for a full blog post.

If there is something else you want me to touch on, let me know in the comments here, or over on IGTV!

Give me a follow and you can stay updated on the latest info to help you manage your home in the digital age a little better! I am excited to see what this new platform will be able to offer my audience!

IGTV Launches

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