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3-14-2013 8-23-55 AM

So literally, just a bit ago my sister went through her Google reader, subscribed to a bunch of blogs she now wanted to follow, and unsubscribed from a bunch that she no longer wanted to (or were no longer active).  It took her hours.  So yesterday when I saw the news that the Google RSS Reader was going to be shut down after July 1st, I instant messaged her that she was going to be SOOO mad!  The thing is, I’m upset too.  I LOVE my Google Reader widget for my tablet and my phone.  I can quickly scroll through and see what posts I actually want to read, and just open them up right from my home screen.  So, I’m definitely bummed.  If you get all of your blog updates through Google Reader, then this post is for you!

ACK!  What am I going to do.  First, don’t panic!  OK, I admit to a slight bit of panicking last night, but I’m over it now, and my head is clear.

1. First clean up your reader.  I say this because whatever option you choose, you are going to want to import all your feeds from Google Reader, so it’s best to clean it up before you transfer. Go to and on the left side next to “subscriptions” you’ll see a little down arrow.  Click it and then select “manage subscriptions”

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From here you can organize your feeds into folders, or delete them all together by clicking the trash icon.  Now that you’ve cleaned up your feeds…

2. Pick a new reader.  Of course I prefer to go Cloud based so that if I read it on my tablet, it will show up as read on my desktop and on my phone.  I’m never just on one device for long, so the ability to sync across multiple devices is essential for me.

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Of the RSS Readers out there, I chose to go with Feedly.  Mainly due to the fact that I’m an interface snob, and it looks GORGEOUS.  Plus converting over is SUPER simple.  You just connect your Google Account to Feedly, and BOOM, you are done.  Right now it’s just grabbing everything from Google, but in July when it changes over, they are going to transfer everything to a different back end, and you won’t notice any difference at all.  Plus it has an Android app (and an iOS one, if you like that sort of thing)

Another good one is NewsBlur if you like the more traditional Google Reader interface.  Although, there are settings in Feedly if you want to change the standard views to ones that look a little more like you are used to with Google Reader.

I chose not to feature BlogLovin, due to it’s heavy iOS love (the reviews in Google Play for the BlogLovin app are terrible), and NetVibes was a bit too confusing on it’s website for the every day user.

Take it from me, Feedly is the bomb diggity, and you won’t be sad anymore that Google Reader is getting the boot.

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  • Are there any services that will allow you to post comments easily? That was my main dissatisfaction with google reader.

    Ps: those 8 little icon buttons down the side of the screen are making me nuts. Obscures the last two words of each sentence, at least on my phone.

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