Free Mobile Game to Celebrate World Cup

Kick With Chrome Start

Are you, or anyone in your family into the World Cup scene? Get in on the festivities from afar with a free mobile game from Google called Kick With Chrome. You get to choose from three different games, and you can even play from different browsers. Here is the Kick With Chrome link. Just pull it up on your phone or tablet and play–no download required, just an internet connection!

Kick With Chrome Infinite Dribble

Infinite Dribble requires a screen that can detect tilting. This one is my favorite. The ball is rolling across the screen and you have to tilt the screen to keep it from touching the defenders.

Kick With Chrome Shoot Out

Shoot Out lets you flick the ball into the goal. You must avoid the goalie gloves. This one was way too easy.

Kick With Chrome Space Kick

Space Kick gives you a disembodied shoe that you tap and drag to different places and different angles so you can kick the ball in the air to gather stars.

For all three games you get to choose the country you’d like to represent, and whether you’d like to play single or multi-player. It’s a fun mindless way to while away the time between matches, especially if you’ve got some buddies over waiting for the next game to start.

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