Family Tech News Roundup: October 13th-19th

This was a big week for streaming news! We have updates from Hulu, Vudu AND SlingTV!

This was a big week for streaming news! We have updates from Hulu, Vudu AND SlingTV!

Hulu Episode Downloads

An update to the Hulu app now allows you to download shows to watch when you are offline. Unfortunately for us Android users… it’s only been released for iOS. They promise Android is coming soon.

It’s been years since Netflix first released this ability, and Hulu is finally catching up. With Hulu being owned partially by Disney, this definitely bodes well for the new Disney+ service coming next month! Hopefully, you will be able to download shows right out of the gate.

Again, like Netflix, it is not available for every title. If the episode has a little download icon like this…

You can download it and view it later when you are offline.

Vudu Free

For a while, Vudu has offered a rotating selection of Free With Ads movies, now it’s offering a full streaming service for free that includes select TV shows and movies with limited ads. There is no subscription fee and nothing to pay.

The bonus is if you do sign up for an account, anytime you purchase a movie with a digital copy you can add that to your account as well and then you can watch that show at any time. I have a TON of digital movies in my Vudu account.

SlingTV Free

Joining in on the Free streaming party, SlingTV now also has a free option for Android. The company has actually had select episodes of various TV shows available for free in order for you to try out the service on Roku devices for a while now. They only recently updated their Android app to include this option as well.

The free service will let you “experience Sling TV and watch free shows without entering credit card information,” the company said. Just download the app and follow the prompts to try out the Guest mode.

Netflix Holidays

As the premiere of Hallmark‘s Christmas movies quickly approaches, Netflix has been ramping up its own Holiday offering.

The company has seen some great success producing its own Hallmark type holiday movies, including one of my favorite holiday movies of last year “The Christmas Chronicles” starring Kurt Russell. This year Netflix is stepping up its game even more with Holiday shows!

From Kristen Davis and Rob Lowe to Vanessa Hudgens, this holiday season there will be plenty of great content to watch from Netflix!

Google Announces New Products

Finally, in non-streaming related news! Google had an event that announced several new products including the new Pixel 4 and a new Google Home Mini.

The Pixel 4 promises to have a better camera, and better specs, just like all the most recent new phone releases. The really good news on this is that they have removed the notch at the top! Hooray for notchless phones!

Now called a Nest Mini, instead of a Google Home Mini, and has a few design changes and promises to be a better sounding speaker as well.

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