Family Tech News Roundup: Nov 17th-23rd

This week's news has a great new feature for Google Home that many families will love, and WTH Tesla??

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Google helps launch MyStoryTime

This week Google announced a partnership with a company called MyStorytime to include their programming on Google Home devices. According to the company, the idea came from the Oliver family.

The family is an active duty military family in Clarksville, TN who created a hack to listen to their dad’s recorded bedtime stories on a Nest Mini while he was deployed. To bring this idea to all Nest devices, Nest partnered with Justin Lewis, former US Marine Corps Sergeant and CEO of Instrument, to build the action for anyone who knows what it’s like to miss storytime with loved ones. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Record new stories or upload existing audio files on All your recordings are saved securely on the cloud. Only you and those you share them with will be able to access them.
  • As soon as you add stories, you can play them back on your Google Nest by saying “Hey Google, talk to My Storytime.”
  • Share your stories with family and friends so they can listen and contribute to your stories. They just need to be over 13 and have a Google Account.

This can be such a great tool, not only for military families, but split families could definitely use it, and parents who just travel a lot for work. You could even allow Grandma to record stories for your kids to listen to at night! The possibilities for more connections between those you love are endless.

Tesla Truck was announced

More huge news came out this week when Tesla announced the Cybertruck. To say everyone was shocked by how it looks would be a huge understatement. It looks VERY odd. Like the Delorean and an Aztec had a baby.

At the moment it looks more like an SUV than a real truck, but it does have a bed and promises to be able to tow several thousand pounds. The metal is made of super durable material that was able to resist a sledgehammer. The glass didn’t fare so well. The “unbreakable glass” shattered quickly, much to the dismay of Elon Musk.

No current release date was announced, but they obviously at least need to figure out the glass before they launch.

T-Mobile testing tech to fight robocalls

Robocalls are the worst. They are the main reason I almost never answer the phone unless it’s from someone already in my contact list. In fact, as much as I love the Samsung Note I almost kept my Google Pixel because of the call screening feature.

T-Mobile and Comcast are working together to implement a verification standard to ensure the calls are coming through a real live person. T-Mobile will display a “caller verified” message on the incoming call screen.

I mean I love Verizon, but if this is a feature on T-Mobile, it might even make me want to switch.

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