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Thank goodness for my walks with my friend Brittney, and thank goodness for friends and family that have very limited technical knowledge.  I’ve said before, that it’s somewhat hard for me to understand what exactly people don’t know, since I just figure people know how to do things that I know how to do.  It’s a ridiculous thought, because if my crafty friends thought that I knew how to do the things they know how to do, they would be sorely mistaken!  Seriously, they say words like Modge Podge and I get completely glassy eyed.

So I asked my friend if she had checked out the super new design to my website (which if you are reading this post in an RSS reader, definitely click over to check out my new site design!  I LOVE it!).  She said she saw the post about it on Facebook, but wanted to finish reading the rest of the status updates before clicking on it, and then forgot!  I was so hurt (or you know… not hurt, but I can pretend to be in pain, right?)  I then told her what I do in that situation, and she said she had no idea you can do that!  And thus a post was born…

1. Set your homepage.  Your homepage is the first website that pulls up when you open up the internet browser.  This should typically be the set to the sites you typically visit first, or most often, such as www.facebook.com and such.  I actually have 3 website open in 3 different tabs for my “homepage”; Facebook, Google’s Homepage, and the program I use for my family budget.  How to do this will vary from browser to browser.

    • Internet Explorer 9 – Click the cog looking icon in the top right corner of the window right under the red “x”.  Select Internet Options.  On the “general” tab you can paste the address of your homepage in the text field for “homepage”.  If you want it to open more than one site in other tabs just put each web address URL on it’s own line.  Click Apply.
    • Chrome – Click the wrench icon on the top right of the window.  Select Options.  If you only want one page to load when you open the browser, click “open homepage” next to “on startup.”  Then set your homepage by putting the correct web address URL in the field for “open this page” next to Home page.  If you want more than one page to open when you first open Chrome select “open the following pages” next to “on startup” and type in the addresses of the various pages, and continue to enter addresses until you have entered them all.


  • Firefox – Open Firefox and then press the “alt” key.  You will see a menu pop up at the top of the window.  Click “tools” and then select “options”.  On the General tab there is a field for you to add the address of the homepage you would like to use.

Now that you can get to exactly where you want to go EASILY, what happens when you are reading something in your Facebook news feed, or reading an article somewhere, and a link strikes your fancy, but you don’t want to actually read the link until you are done with your current task?  What I do is right click on the link.  When you right click the link you are given the option to open the link in a new tab, or in a new window.  When you select one of these options, you can continue on with your current article or status updates, until you are done and then click over to the article or page you were intrigued enough to visit.

Another thing I do, when I don’t even have time to read an article that looks interesting to me, and I don’t want to keep the webpage up forever until I finally do end up reading it.  Once I open the site that has the article I want to save for later.  I click my little Evernote Chrome Extenstion, and I can either clip just the article or even the whole page to Evernote, so I can read it whenever I want, from my phone or my computer.  If it’s a recipe I want to try, I’ll pin the page to Pinterest instead of Evernote.  The recipes I put in Evernote are my tried and true recipes.  If I make a recipe from my Pinterest page, and then it turns out good, THEN I’ll clip the recipe to Evernote to save forever and ever.

So there you have it.  Some quick easy things you can do to get the most out of your web browsing experience!

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