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Frozen eBook Leap Frog

When it comes to buying books for the LeapPads, we’ve always bought ultra ebooks. They are eBooks with interactive games embedded between scenes that teach different skills. Pretty cool. What I didn’t know was that Leap Frog also does “regular” eBooks.

I say “regular” eBooks because it’s not just a digital copy of the book.

Frozen eBook Leap Frog illustrations

A narrator reads the story while highlighting the words on the page as she goes. There’s also the option to let the kids read it by themselves, and if they need help with any of the words, they can just touch the word and it will read that word for them.

Last time when I was letting the kids choose a new game in the Leap Frog app store my kindergartener saw the Frozen eBook, and it was over. First of all, it was only $7.50, instead of the $20-$25 that games and ultra eBooks run. I was definitely game for that price.

So it’s her new favorite book. She got to choose a book for me to come read to her class on her birthday at school. Can you guess what book she picked?

Frozen eBook Leap Frog Kindergarten Reading

Yeah. I read it in front of the class. Well, I sat there holding the Ultra LeapPad while the narrator read the book. I have to say, she does a better job than I do. I was worried that this wouldn’t work out, that the volume wouldn’t be loud enough, or the kids wouldn’t be able to see, or they would just ignore the book. There was no need to fear. The kids could hear it, and see it, and loved it. There were no attention problems for the duration of the story, roughly ten minutes.

Frozen eBook Leap Frog highlights words

It had nice illustrations, nice background music, and a descriptive story. I love that it highlights the words as it reads it aloud. It’s also super of cool to hear the book being read in the other room when she has LeapPad time. It means that she wanted to read a book instead of playing a game. As an English major, I’m thrilled every time a book wins the vote.

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