Label Printers are Alive and Kicking

Epson Label Printer Collage Do you know how far label printer technology has come since my high school days when I used them for printing facetious name tags for myself and my coworkers at the movie theater? A long way. That thing was prehistoric compared to what Epson is producing now. When Epson offered to let me have one of their new models for free, I would have been much more pumped if I had known this.

Okay, besides a fun toy to use when bored at work, what might you possibly want a label printer for? Does everybody need one? No, not everyone needs one. If you are more into piling than labeling and don’t see any mood swings in the forecast, you probably wouldn’t get much use out of it. I am, however, a labeler. I like to keep all my files, physical and digital alike, labeled and organized. Everything needs to have a designated place.

And I pride myself on being techie, but when it comes to printing labels on a regular printer, I avoid it at all costs. I usually—gasp!—write labels by hand. With Sharpies. But if you want to make a quick, durable, and professional looking label, the label printer is the way to go.

Epson Safety Kit Label Printer

As the name indicates, it is intended for labeling your safety and emergency supplies so they are easier to locate in the dark (like in the case of a real live emergency and there isn’t any electricity). This is doable because they have glow in the dark and reflective tape that you print the safety labels on. The printer is capable of doing all sorts of symbols and little pictures, different fonts, and font styles (outline, bold, drop shadow, italics). So it’s got the skills for much more than labeling your emergency supplies. Mostly I used it to label my recipes. Not food recipes, mind you. Epson Label Printer in the Garage 2 When I do a refinishing project I mix chemicals, stains, paints, clear coat…you name it. Sometimes it’s hard for me to remember what cans contain mixes, and which ones are what the can says. And when I need to whip up another batch of stain-lacquer, how do I remember what I put in it the first time so that I can match it’s qualities exactly? Problem solved. Just label the can with the recipe it contains.

My labeling didn’t end there. I also used it to label boxes so that we won’t have to go through every single box in the storage closet to find the Christmas tree ornaments this year. Now we’ll even know exactly which box has Halloween stuff. Epson Label Printer in the Kitchen Then I used the labeler in my kitchen. In a visible area! I admit, I was just searching for more stuff to label just so I could keep using the label printer. It has such a smooth design, and it’s almost silent! And yes, I have Splenda instead of sugar.

There are other label printer options available as well. You can create iron on labels (to label your clothes, or even create designs). There’s one that prints on ribbons, and another that is specifically designed to label cords and cables, which is awesome when you have a bundle of cords as thick as your thigh behind your entertainment center, and all you need is to find the Xbox HDMI cable. Bottom line: If you like to keep organized and appreciate durable, professional looking labels, you would do well with the Epson Safety Kit Label Printer, or one of the others.

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