Detailed Fortnite Gameplay Review for Parents

Why are kids obsessed with Fortnite and how is the game played? A detailed description of what Fortnite gameplay is like, as told by a 15-year-old boy obsessed with the game

As more teens start asking to play Fortnite, many parents are left wondering what is Fortnite and is it safe? Since we’ve already answered those pressing questions, you may want to know a little bit more of the details behind exactly how the game is played and some pros and cons told from a teenager who loves to play Fortnite. So I recruited my nephew to write a detailed Fortnite gameplay review to help parents know exactly what their children will be experiencing. Take it away TJ…

How does Fortnite gameplay function?

Fortnite is a game where even if you are extremely skilled, you don’t actually win most of the time. The Fortnite gameplay starts with 100 people on a flying bus over a gigantic map. You skydive to wherever you want and immediately have to start stocking up on ammo, materials, and weapons. You need these materials to protect yourself when you get into a battle. The materials will also help you deal damage to other players.

Different guns are more effective at certain ranges. For example, the shotgun is effective at close range, assault rifles are powerful from mid-range, and snipers are effective at long range. Another big factor inside the game aside from the battles is the storm. The storm deals increasing damage as the game progresses and slowly moves in towards a random center in intervals. There are a lot of different variables involved as well such as population density distribution that make the game a little complicated but it isn’t hard to learn.

Why is Fortnite so popular?

But what makes Fortnite so popular? Why is everybody raving about this new game? One thing that makes it so favored is how accessible it is to play with friends. You can hook up with friends and take on 24 or more teams to try and get a win. Since it is extremely hard to get a win, it makes it that much more satisfying when you do win. It takes really good, fast communication skills, and you have to have a faster reaction than any team that you end up against.

Another thing that makes so many people download it is that it is free. Although the game is free to download, there are a lot of in-game purchase options. They give you no additional advantage to the game, but they do make you look more cool/different than other players. A lot of players get sucked into all of the new outfits that Epic Games (the creators of Fortnite) put into the game. The outfits and other in-game dances can cost upwards of $20 per item.

Will Fortnite make my kids more violent?

Even though it is extremely addicting, sometimes, the game can be really frustrating. If you play competitively, the game can induce a lot of rage. Even the best players in the game only win less than 50% of their games. The game is also not fully developed and can sometimes have bugs that get you killed when your character should not have died in the situation. A lot of it just comes down to luck early on in the game and what guns you find. This is a reason that a lot of controllers and televisions have been broken. I have not done this myself, but have felt the urge to and heard of friends who have done it.

This doesn’t mean that Fortnite has made me more violent, it is just frustrating when things like that happen. Much like it would be frustrating if I missed a kick in a soccer game, or if I felt embarrassed at school. The game itself isn’t making anyone more violent, but it can induce anger occasionally because it is a game and you want to win.

These are a lot of the good and bad aspects of Fortnite gameplay that I have personally seen. I would highly recommend trying this game out for yourself. Especially if you’re going to let your kids get it, but it really isn’t that violent because of how unrealistic the graphics are. The guns float, you can build stairs or walls at the push of a button, and there is literally a storm that slowly takes your health. But overall, it is a really fun game that I love to play.

My Fortnite warning

A warning that I push to you though; It is an extremely addictive game. I can get stuck playing every day for hours at a time even when I have homework due. See the parents perspective on what is Fortnite here.

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