Soon Your Kids Can Build and Code a LEGO Batmobile

A New LEGO Batmobile set has been announced with a new Powered Up platform to introduce coding and programming to the more toy sets coming out later thi

LEGO has really been churning out the announcements the last couple of weeks and releasing some really awesome connected toys. Today the company announced a new app connected to toy to join the previously released LEGO Boost. The first of several toys to be released under the new Powered Up Platform is the LEGO Batmobile. The LEGO Batman™ App-Controlled Batmobile is a buildable LEGO Batmobile can be controlled by a smart device with light coding and programming coming later in 2018.

LEGO Batmobile

LEGO Batmobile will be the first set in the Powered Up platform

The Powered Up platform will give kids the ability to modify and personalize their experiences on enabled sets. Through dynamic motion control and in some instances simple coding, kids will be able to interact with the toys in new ways. The platform won’t be exclusive to smart device control. Some of the Powered Up sets will just include a standard remote to control the toys. Many of the new sets will be Powered Up-enabled. This will give kids the option to add power features to their creations if they are interested.

Powered-Up Duplo Sets

LEGO also announced a couple other Powered Up sets that will be coming out this year. The LEGO DUPLO Steam Train and LEGO DUPLO Cargo Train will introduce kids as young as 2 years old to cause and effect play. Low-tech brick accessories that utilize sensors and color-coded train track elements will help preschoolers get familiar with coding concepts.

The Powered Up Platform will be launched on July 1st. However, the LEGO Batman App-Controlled Batmobile will launch one month later on August 1st for a suggested retail price of $159.99. The Powered Up App will work on phones and tablets running iOS 8.0 and up or Android 5.0 and up. The launch of the app is prior to the launch of the first real set that can use its capabilities. The company claims you will be able to use the app with a couple sets that are already available. The LEGO City Passenger Train and LEGO City Cargo Train will add simple remote-control functionality through the app, but it is not clear if you will be able to do more with them than that at this time.


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