Coordinating Kids Sports Teams With TeamSnap

As your kids grow, and you start signing them up for various sports, trying to coordinate games and practices can be overwhelming. Last year my daughter was on a softball team, and the coach set us up with TeamSnap, and I instantly fell in love. It is seriously the best way to coordinate your kids sports team, and this post is completely NOT sponsored. I just love it so much, I want to spread the word.

One of my favorite features is how easy it is to communicate with the rest of the team. Our softball games were canceled due to weather a few times, and the app was able to send us all a notification before we headed out the door.  You can also let the coaches know super easily if you have to miss a game or a practice.

I also really liked syncing the calendar with my daughter’s Google calendar. With the calendar syncing, I don’t have to duplicate all of the practices and games into her calendar!

If all the parents upload pictures for their accounts, I LOVE the team roster. When you want to cheer for the other kids on your child’s team, and you don’t know their name, it makes it so difficult! I can pop open the app check the kid’s name, and cheer away!

We all know that sports teams for the younger ages are all about the treats at the end of the game, but remembering that today is your day to bring the snacks can often be difficult, and you end up sending your spouse to run to the store during the game. The assignments section can help parents sign up for treats, remember who signed up for the treats, or any other volunteer assignment that could be given out.

The last part that I love is the messages section. This is where you can send out notes or reminders to the whole team, like “wear your gray jersey today” or “meet 10 minutes early on the south side of the school”.

There are several other features I haven’t mentioned here, but really, this app is such a lifesaver for any sports mom! Go convince your child’s coach to download it and start using it now!

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