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We are continuing our week of keeping your kids schedule organized with one of my favorite ways to coordinate just about anything. If you haven’t experienced the joy that is SignUp Genius yet, let me just tell you right now… you are going to love this thing! And perhaps I’ll help you use it in ways you never even imagined possible! Again… this post is NOT sponsored. Just want to give everyone tools they can use to help make their lives easier! Now, normally I’m a total user interface snob… and SignUp Genius’ interface is stuck in the early 90’s. It’s just so darn functional that I give it a pass.

The main idea of SignUp Genius is to provide an easy way for folks to sign up for stuff. Right? Sometimes it doesn’t even cross your mind, though, when you are in certain situations. So let me break down all the various ways people can sign up for stuff.

Home & Family Sign Ups – Coordinating a family party (or even a Super Bowl party like my friend is currently planning) can get a little tricky. You have a ton of people, and a ton of food to figure out. You don’t want everyone ending up bringing a bag of chips and you have no drinks! It’s also helpful when planning a baby shower or bridal shower to figure out who is doing what.
School Sign Ups – Use sign ups to plan class parties, sure, but you can also coordinate field trips, parent/teacher conferences, fundraisers, and book fair volunteers. My FAVORITE use for SignUp Genius in a school setting though, is a classroom wish list. I am happy to buy teachers supplies throughout the year, I just need to know what they need! If the teacher would create a SignUp Genius throughout the year for school supplies, I’m sure they would barely spend any of their own money on supplies (which we all know they do constantly!)
Sports Sign Ups – I mentioned yesterday how amazing TeamSnap is for coordinating a sports team, and I stand by that, BUT if your coach hasn’t quite caught they TeamSnap spirit, then this is probably one of the next best things. You can coordinate a car pool, snacks, fundraisers, who needs to sit at the concession booth, and of course the end of the season party, or any other team bonding events!
Church & Temple Sign Ups  – Our church has a need for a lot of volunteers and coordinating. When someone has a baby in our church the other congregation members sign up to bring them meals for a few days. This is almost always done through SignUp Genius. I’ve also had to coordinate a blood drive (where people needed to sign up for times to donate), we also coordinate babysitting for folks that need help, potlucks, church activities, and donations for various organizations like refugees.
Clubs & Groups Sign Ups – Those darn Girl Scouts will soon be out in front of grocery stores all over the country. mmmm Samoas….wait, what was I talking about? Oh, yes… SignUp Genius can help figure out who will be manning those booths, or any other booth for a particular group. It can also help you coordinate a neighborhood book club! Or just a girl’s night. What I haven’t mentioned yet, though, is that you can take payments directly through SignUp Genius. Meaning when your child’s drill team wants to hold a camp for the local kids, you can have them sign up and pay for the camp directly through the website!
College Sign Ups – During college you can use SignUp Genius to coordinate study groups, create a sign up for your office hours if you are the professor or TA, or set up tutoring sessions. Or, you know… plan that road trip to Vegas.
There are really so many things you can do with SignUp Genius, other than sign up to bring something to your kid’s class party. Explore the website and find something you never thought you could do!

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