How to Catch All of the Olympic Events

Several years ago I accused NBC of ruining my favorite thing in the whole world to watch (the Olympics). Now I’m not saying that what I said at the time completely changed how they do it now… but I’m not NOT saying that. This year, NBC has come SO far, and I have to say, it’s pretty much perfect. There are many options for cord cutters like the majority of the world right now.

Live Events

When the Summer games were in London, NBC refused to show many of the events live. This just doesn’t work in today’s world. Everyone knows about everything instantly thanks to social media. It’s impossible to keep someone in the dark about the results. So, there is no point in delaying the broadcast. This year, they have planned many of the events to take place during the US “prime time” hours so they can air them live across the United States. Due to the time difference, the less popular events take place during the day and are aired live (in the middle of the night here) on NBCsn.

I love that they have done this. I typically record the events that happen overnight and get caught up in the morning by starting at the beginning, and fast-forwarding through the commercials until I catch up to live TV. I have SlingTV, which is what I use for the DVR on NBCsn. I also record the live showing on my local NBC affiliate (with my TiVo and an antenna) for prime time and either watch those events live, or watch the live events on NBCsn and then catch up with the other channel before I go to bed. The local NBC also airs abbreviated versions of the events that aired on NBCsn in their afternoon programming.

You can also catch live events through the NBC Sports app. They have an app for your phone, and an app you can download on your Roku. Sometimes these live events don’t use the same broadcasters as when the event will air on one of their networks. I really like a lot of the NBC broadcasters, so sometimes I’ll just wait until it airs (especially when it is set to air overnight).

More Streaming Options

While I am using a combination of my SlingTV subscription and my antenna plugged into a TiVo, there are many more options for you to choose.

Hulu Live – This has all of the important channels (NBCsn, CNBC, MSNBC, and USA). In certain areas, it will also have the main NBC channel

Antenna – This will only get you the main NBC channel

SlingTV – The Blue package plus the sports and news extras will get you all the channels you require, but will not have the main NBC channel.

YouTube TV – While only available in certain areas at the moment, if you are able to get YouTube TV it will have all the channels you need to watch the Olympics. The only real downside is that currently, their newly released Roku app is extremely choppy. I’ve been opting to Chromecast it to the TV instead of using the Roku app when I use YouTube TV. The UPside to this service is the DVR is unlimited and included.

DirecTV Now – This service will have most of the channels you want, even in the most basic package, but will only have local NBC in certain areas. You would have to check to see if your area is included.

Playstation Vue – Also has all of the channels you need, with the exception of NBC in certain geographic areas.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to catch up on all the Olympic action. Let me know your favorite! and GO TEAM USA!!!


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