How to Watch the Superbowl Without A Cable Subscription

Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s kinda an important football game this weekend. Whether you are in it for the commercials, or you are a die-hard football fan, there is a good chance you’ll want to catch some of the game. If you have already hopped on the cord cutting wagon train, you may want to figure out how to watch the Superbowl without getting sucked into another cable contract. Luckily, there are actually several ways you can still catch the game.


One of the easiest and freeist (totally a word) ways to watch the game is to attach an antenna to your TV. Most antennas can pick up local channels, including NBC, who is broadcasting the Superbowl this year. If you aren’t getting a good signal through your antenna, make sure you have it pointed to the correct location. You can find the best positioning for your antenna through this website. Using an antenna, you will not be able to pause the TV, rewind or fast-forward. The exception to this rule is a Roku TV with a USB drive.

Streaming Service

Not all streaming services are created equal. If you are subscribed to SlingTV, there are many markets that do not have local channels in the package. YouTube TV, and Hulu Live are also only available in select markets. Make sure you know if your area will be able to carry the live game or not.


The really awesome news here is that NBC will be streaming the game live on it’s regular app and the NBC Sports app. You can get the app for your Roku, Amazon Fire TV and more. Generally, you would be required to sign in with a qualified service (like if I subscribed to DirecTV or Comcast). For the Superbowl this year they are waiving that requirement and making the stream available to stream to anyone. You can also download the app on your phone or tablet and watch it there. If you want to see it on the big screen Chromecast it to your TV using a Chromecast device (available at Best Buy for around $20-$30).

Friends House

Or, you know, just do what I’m doing and head over to a friends house that is watching the game. 😉

If you really only want to see the commercials, and you don’t really care about the game, just about all of the commercials will be available on YouTube the next day. Don’t worry, you won’t miss out. I’ll even post a round-up of my favorite ones right here on


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