Battle of the Giants Dinosaur Strike Review

Now if there is something my daughter loves ALMOST as much as sea animals, it’s Dinosaurs.  We have a local dinosaur museum that we have passes to, and she requests to go there all the time.  So when we got Battle of the Giants: Dinosaur Strike to review, she was really excited.

I always like to try and have her figure out the game herself, before I try and help her, and she did really great with this game.  She was able to pick her dinosaur and start playing a match right away.  She even won the first couple matches, but then it got a little difficult for her (she’s 5), so she asked for my help.  At this point I held one controller, while she used the other.

I thought to really get a good review, I’d need to enlist my nephews.  They came over to play it, and here are the results…

Of course the game isn’t super educational. It does help you to learn dinosaur names, but there are some fake ones in there. All of the kids had a lot of fun with it though, from my 5 year old daughter to my 12 year old nephew.

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  • Now Sarah, I truly do not feel that you conveyed the enthusiasm my boys (the nephews mentioned in the post) had for Dinosaur strike. They talk about that game a lot! Not only that, TJ wanted to have a Dinosaur strike birthday themed party and have all his friends play the game during the party. They really, really, really liked this game.

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