Apps to Help You Simplify Shopping

Looking for a little bit of help to make this the easiest shopping time of the year? We've got you covered!

It’s Black Friday, and that means it is the official start of the Holiday Season! I can finally put up my tree, and my Christmas movie marathons can be justified. The two things I dislike about this season is the crowded stores and the snow. I hate the snow.

I’m not big on crowds, so when the stores have huge lines and things are out of stock, it’s frustrating. I try to get all of my shopping done as early as I can. Then I can relax and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. In fact, I’m already just about finished!

There are quite a few apps that I utilize to simplify shopping and get organized so I know when I’m totally done.

Gift List Makes Shopping Easier

The first MUST HAVE app on my phone to make Holiday shopping a piece of cake is called Gift List. Honestly, there might even be better apps than this these days, but I’ve been a huge fan of the app for ages. It even remembers who I gave gifts to last year and imports them into this year.

It will track how much each gift is and let you know how much you have spent on everything. You can also track if you have purchased an item and whether or not you’ve wrapped it. This is super helpful when you have to hide your purchases from nosey little children!

The app will give you space for a link to the product, any notes you have about it, and you can even include a photo of the item. I grab photos during the year when I am out and about with my kids so I can add them to their Christmas List.

Although I know it’s important to teach my kids that not all things in life are fair, I do like for them to open the same number of presents every year. So I always have a match for each gift. Keeping track of how many gifts each kid has gotten in the app really helps me keep track of this.


simplify shopping with Flipp

If you are looking for deals though, look no further than Flipp! This app literally has ALL of the store ads you could ask for. You can mark which stores are your favorites and view those ads, just like you are flipping through the live ad from the Sunday paper.

Once you find something you want, you simply have to tap the item to “circle” it, and it gets added to your clipped list to refer back to later. This app is really a great way to help you find all the best deals. You can even search for something specific like “Nintendo Switch Lite” and it will bring up the item at all the different stores so you can compare prices and extras.

This app isn’t just helpful to simplify holiday shopping, you can get your groceries organized too if you generally shop the sales!

Simplify Shopping with Amazon

Honestly, we all know that Amazon has changed shopping as we know it. Prime is almost a required subscription these days. I LOVE my Prime membership, which I’ve had for many years. However, I’m only just now scratching the surface of what I can do with it.

This year was the first year I did most of my back to school shopping on Amazon. It was amazing! All of the school supplies just got delivered right to my door. The same can be applied to Christmas shopping. You don’t even have to leave the house to get all of your shopping done!

My big recommendation here is to shop early though. Things sell out, sometimes there is a delay in shipping, and if you wait until the last minute to place your orders, there is a high probability your gifts won’t arrive in time.

I also love having my kids do some shopping on Amazon and create wish lists for me. This way, I can send the wish list to Grandparents, who only need to select what they want to buy and then ship it directly to your house! If I want to be sneaky about it though, I’ll create the wish lists for them and send that off instead.

Specific store apps

So many stores have their own apps now. It can be overwhelming if you visit many different stores, but it can also help you out tremendously. Many apps even offer special discounts within the app. You could be missing out on some serious savings by not utilizing these applications.

I also LOVE using my local Kroger grocery store app. I add things to my list throughout the week and then add in my meal plan shopping list. Then I go through the shopping cart and remove anything I already have in the house. This is a great way to simplify grocery shopping.

Once my shopping list is compiled, I check out and schedule it to pick up on my way home from work on Friday. Honestly, grocery shopping has never been so easy, AND it’s helping me save money because it reduces the “impulse buys”.

Shopkick and other rewards apps

There are also some apps that will give you points for shopping in various stores, or even just walking into them! Apps like Shopkick and ibotta will give you points and rewards for specific shopping activity, or just for allowing them to track your activity.

Data is a huge asset for companies, and shopping data is the icing on the cake. The more companies can analyze the public’s shopping habits the more they can predict what will be a good selling product, and what might flop.

Giving them access to your data will give up a little bit of privacy. So, you have to decide what you are willing to share to save a few dollars.

Using some of these apps will hopefully help you simplify shopping and have a fantastic holiday season! Happy shopping!

Apps to Help You Simplify Shopping

Another great way to make shopping easier is to use our Holiday gift guide!

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