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Amazing new app for Alzheimer’s patients

There is nothing quite so heartbreaking as a loved one losing their memory.  I only have one grandparent still alive, and at 92 she is a firecracker.  Her mind, however, isn’t quite what it used to be.  While she hasn’t developed Alzheimer’s, she definitely has a hard time remembering things.  Most of the time she gets it right, but it’s still hard.  My Grandpa, before he passed away (on the other side of the family), definitely had developed it.  At my Grandma’s funeral, he kept asking where she was, and we had to keep letting him know that his sweetheart had passed on.  These things are extremely difficult to deal with, and I can only imagine how hard it must be for the people experiencing it.

When I saw the video for this app today, I knew that it was a game changer.  The app is called Backup Memory.  What it does is use Bluetooth to discover when a relative or friend is nearby.  Then it will notify the user the person that is near, and help to jog their memory of who they are with old pictures and stories.  Check out the video of how it works…

Excuse me… there must be something in my eye…

Seriously, Samsung.  Way to go.

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