New Facebook Features

Facebook has been busy rolling out additions to it’s platform that you may not know about!  I’d just like to run down a few of them…

Facebook Safety Check

In a natural disaster, the one thing anyone wants to know about is whether or not their friends and family are safe.  Facebook rolled out a feature called “safety check” where your loved ones can quickly check in to let everyone know they are ok when a disaster strikes their area. You can check in to see if any friends of yours are in an affected area by visiting


Facebook Riff

So, when I was high school, my friends and I were insane with the video camera.  These were the days when we had to lug the huge thing around to the various places…

Look at the size of that thing--!!--


The size of the video camera sure didn’t stop us then, but I can only imagine if we had today’s technology!  Facebook devs, in their spare time, created Riff.  This new app allows you to choose a topic, like “balance” and then allows all of your friends to collaborate and add their own videos to the main video.  I would have had SO much fun with this in high school.  Maybe I’ll try and get my old high school friends to play along.  It would be super cool for some videos to play our our upcoming 20 year reunion!


Giphy for Messenger

I mentioned in another post that nothing can say exactly what you are feeling quite like a reaction gif.  On my phone, I am constantly sending the perfect gif in response to messages received.  Usually, my husband has to respond with a “well done” since I capture exactly the right emotion through my gifs.  😀  The app is super simple to use.  You open it up and search for the gif you want to send.  I usually search for the emotion I’m going for, or if I know what clip I want to use (like Christine Taylor about to throw up in the movie Dodgeball) then I can search for the specific gif.  Then you just click send and pick who you want to send it to.  It will show up in the message thread on your Facebook messenger.  It’s seriously so much fun.  You need to try it.



This brand new app allows you to see who is calling, even if you don’t have their number programmed into your phone already.  Hello, which is only available for Android devices, promises to make your phone a PHONE again… what??!!  These things make calls?!?  Shocked I tell you.  What is cool about this app though is that it goes above and beyond simple caller ID.  It can tell you how many other people have blocked a particular number that is ringing through (so you can avoid telemarketers!), and can also help you call your local Sushi restaurant to order some Las Vegas rolls to go (not that I’ve done that only about a thousand times, and still haven’t just put their number in my phone yet).  You can also make calls integrated into messenger so that it doesn’t use your cell service.  It’s definitely a cool new product, that I can see me using often.

blockunwantedcalls seewhoscalling

So, way to go Facebook!  Keep up the great work!  I’m loving the new features you are constantly developing and rolling out.  Now excuse me while I go try to Riff with my old high school friends.

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