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Aerial 7 Sound Disk Beanie Review / Giveaway

You know me, I LOVE technology!  I’m not so smart when it comes to fashion.  I love when things you don’t expect, incorporate technology.  That is exactly what is going on with this super awesome beanie.  I live in Utah.  It’s dang cold up in here these days!  So when Aerial7 contacted me to try out their Sound Disk Beanie, I was super excited.  I like to work out and go for walks, and in this cold weather (and the fact I hate earbuds) it was hard to be able to listen to tunes during my walk/run.

What this fun little beanie is concealing is that it has speakers/headphones inside!  There is a cord that comes out of the back of the beanie and you can attach it to any device you wish.  The other fun thing is that the cord has a microphone so you can attach your phone, use it as an mp3 player, and answer a phone call without missing a beat (or having to take off your hat!)

My husband was disappointed when he first put them on because he said the headphone parts were not over his ear.  I showed him that this was easily adjustable, and was able to move the speakers to his ears, no problem.

Sound was great.  Even on my walk (near a busy street) I was able to hear my music perfectly.  Sound is so great, that if someone talked to me I had to lift the hat up a bit to hear them.

Giveaway today is a beanie of your choice PLUS an iGo Charge Anywhere (which I have previously reviewed)!  To enter to win leave a comment on this post.  One entry per person!

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