Cisco Flip MinoHD Review

If there is one thing that my daughter absolutely loves to do, it’s take photos and videos.  Then after recording these movies, she loves to watch them.  Her iPod Nano has a video recorder, and she is constantly filling up the space on it with random videos.  So, while I will not let her touch the camcorder, I will let her play with the very sturdy Flip.  The MinoHD is really such a great device for her, and the picture quality is fabulous, so even the shaky pictures that she takes come through crystal clear.

I feel confident just throwing the Flip into my purse since there are no extra parts that could get broken off.  The lens itself is behind a type of plastic shield that is super easy to clean off.  My 5 year old has been playing with it, and I’ve even let the 18 month old play with it.  I think it’s pretty safe to say that it’s pretty indestructible.  Obviously don’t go diving with it, but it definite withstood the Preschooler/Toddler test.

Here is some video taken with the Flip, this is during the day, but we don’t get very bright light in through our windows (and I believe the blinds are even shut in this video).

Again it’s very simple to use, even my 18 month old can record videos.  There is one button in the middle that is the record button.  That’s it!  There are some other options for zooming and some other very simple tasks, but for the most part it’s pretty self explanatory.

Since my daughter has her own computer I showed her how to plug the flip into it via the USB cable.  We downloaded the Flip Software onto her computer and she was able to watch all her videos right from her computer.  She also knows that when it runs low on batteries, all she needs to do is plug the flip into her computer.

This will definitely be coming with us to California when we go next year, so she can take videos of anything she wants (I may even steal it a few times to take some quick videos myself!).  The downside is that the memory on the flip is not expandable.  8 GB goes very fast in this household (what can I say, the girl loves to video EVERYTHING).  It comes in all sorts of colors, and you can even design your own!

To enter to win the Flip MinoHD just leave a comment on this post.  Good luck to everyone (don’t forget to check out the rest of my month of giveaways posts!  All giveaways will end on December 24th)

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  • oh this would be great my old one well kind of died and it was one of those heavy antique ones,LOL.

    • Cute video!
      I love that the flip mino hd is so user friendly. I have been looking at video cameras for my brother and his wife who just adopted a baby boy. I remember the huge/complicated cameras of the 80’s – early 90’s and I’m not sure my brother could handle one of those. I know my Dad had a lot of trouble with ours. We would have to “redo’ whatever we were doing for the camera. Ha ha. Good times.