5 Photo Apps You Want For Making Memories

We use our phones to take pictures WAY more than we use actual cameras. We also share a whole lot of those photos. Mainly our phones are the way we record our lives! Then one day your phone gets dropped in the road and run over by a car… and bye bye photos! Goodbye memories! It doesn’t have to be that way, and you can create amazing memories with nothing more than your phone and a few apps.


Dropbox – While not exactly a photo app, if you take any pictures with your phone, and you do not have Dropbox on there… you run some serious risks. With Dropbox installed, though, and “camera uploads” turned on, any picture you take with your phone will automatically be uploaded to Dropbox. You will never have to be worried that you will lose your photos if you ever have to re-format your phone, or it gets dropped in the bottom of a lake.


Photofy – This is my favorite photo editing app. There are a TON of stickers and frames and text you can add to your photos! You can also purchase so many different stickers and overlays that allow you to make your picture exactly how you want it to look when you share it.


Boomerang & Layout – These apps are both created by Instagram. With Boomerang, you can create your very own GIF’s. I don’t know about you, but my kids are always doing something GIF worthy. With Boomerang you can make those GIF’s super easily, and then share them on Instagram. Layout will help you create collages of photos so you can share the group of pictures at the same time. This is super helpful when you have a stack of photos to share, but don’t want to explode your feed by sharing them all individually.

Chatbooks – If you haven’t seen the commercial for this yet… let me just fix that for you right now, because you do NOT want to miss this!

You just set it, and forget it, and you will be sent a book of your photos every time you hit a certain threshold! For someone like me, who never ends up printing photos from my phone EVER, it’s the most ideal service!


Paper Camera – For a little bit of fun you can use Paper Camera to create some really cool sketch looking photos.  Sometimes it’s fun to add different elements to your pictures and really create something artistic! Also, if you are into dressing up your own face, you should check out MSQRD (masquerade), which has all the animal faces you could want!

Any apps you LOVE that I missed?





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