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While, if you ask the majority of my friends if I like to read, they will likely tell you no. It’s not exactly true though. I do love to read. I just don’t allow myself to do it most of the time. I typically can’t put a book down once I start it, and I will pretty much do nothing until that book is completed. I just don’t have time in my life right now to do nothing until a book is completed.  So, I typically don’t even start anymore. It’s really a shame, because reading is really great… ahem… thanks for reading my blog! There are a few apps that I LOVE to use when I do have some time to read though. When I do sit down to read, I usually will do it on my tablet, because it’s nice and big and feels like I’m holding a book, as opposed to trying to read on my little phone screen (if you can call a 5″ phone screen LITTLE.)

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Texture – Boy do I LOVE this app. I have actually been paying for Texture since CES like a bazillion years ago, when they had ads all over CES (smart move on their part), and it was called Next Issue. They call it the Netflix of magazines, and it truly is. The ONLY magazine it doesn’t have, that I would like it to have is Women’s Running. Other than that, it’s got EVERYTHING. You pay a monthly subscription ($15 a month) and you have access to read all of the best magazines you would want to read. Recently, the app got even better in that it will show you articles from various magazines in a single section, like “best fall tips” or “election guide”. So you can get to the articles that really interest you quickly. If you just want to read a magazine cover to cover though, you can totally do that.  You can also download magazines to read offline (like say on a flight). I really think it’s worth every penny I spend on it!


Flipboard – As I mentioned last week, I LOVE Flipboard. I get pretty much all of my news there. I won’t go into more detail, since I dedicated an entire post to it recently, but I just love that it gives me everything I really want to read quickly and easily!


Feedly – There are still blogs I like to follow, so a feed reader is very important for me. When Google did away with their RSS reader, I went searching for a suitable replacement. I definitely found what I was looking for in Feedly. I can organize the blogs I follow into categories, and just concentrate on reading things one category at a time. Or I can just view the entire list. It really helps me keep up with all of my favorites!


Amazon Kindle – What list about reading would be complete without the Amazon Kindle app? They have a subscription service that will allow you to read millions of titles for $10/month. As I mentioned, I don’t read nearly enough to warrant that cost, but I have some friends that would definitely get their money’s worth. There is also Prime Reading though, which is for Amazon Prime members (which… if you aren’t a Prime member yet… how do you even SURVIVE??). There are several books you can read as a Prime Member, including several magazines! I’ve had both the Nook app, and the Kindle app on my tablet for a while, but I really find I just never use the Nook app.  Kindle fits the bill for me.


LDS Gospel Library – Since I am LDS, this is probably the most used reading app I have on my tablet. It has all of the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon, etc), but also has all the talks that are given during our General Conference sessions, the monthly magazines my church puts out, and piles upon piles of videos and other reference material. It’s a VERY robust app, and if you ever wanted to know more about my church without asking someone, just download this app and start browsing through it.





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