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WTH: The Changing Face of News

This week the big “Tech Happenings” was Osama Bin Laden’s death. If you aren’t involved in social media or in the “tech world” you may not know something. The news of his death was broken, not on network television, not on standard websites… but on Twitter. Not only did the news break on twitter a couple hours before the President made an announcement about it… the news broke on Twitter as the raid was happening in Abbotabad. A computer tech who lived nearby tweeted that he heard explosions. Of course we found out later what it was all about, but essentially he was live tweeting the actual raid!

When I want the absolute latest news, I almost always turn to Twitter. Being on Twitter’s website I have found out about celebrity deaths based on who is “trending”. When you are on Twitter the right side of the screen is the topics that are being talked about most, worldwide. That is called trending. You can easily click on one of the trending topics and find the tweets related to that topic.

So, even if you aren’t involved in social media, you may want to sign up for a Twitter account and just follow some key people so you can always know the latest news.

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