Top 5 Movie Plots Easily Resolved With Technology

When I was younger, and my parents would talk about how things used to be when they were younger, it was met with a whole lot of eyerolling.  Sure Mom, you walked to school in the snow… in Southern California.  Although, I’m probably exaggerating a bit, I do recall tuning a lot of that talk out.  Since my husband and I are such movie fans, we are often trying to introduce our children to movies of our time.  We had great success with the Neverending Story, which took some convincing to actually get them to sit down and watch, but it’s been worth it.

Sometimes when we watch these movies though, we end up realizing just how far fetched the plot would be in today’s world.  Here’s some examples.

Sixteen Candles –

PLOT: The family forget’s Samantha’s 16th birthday in the midst of trying to coordinate a wedding.

TODAY: Google Calendar or Facebook notification pops up on everyone’s phone… “Samantha’s Birthday” – Movie over.

Adventures in Babysitting –

PLOT: Friend runs away, and then calls friend to pick her up, hilarity ensues.

TODAY: Friend uses Uber to get home.

Vacation –

PLOT: Family takes road trip across the country only to find their destination is closed.

TODAY: Family would have seen the parks schedule online – Movie over.

Grease –

PLOT: Guy meets Girl over the summer, is surprised to find out she moved to his high school.

TODAY: Girl texts Guy, “HEY I’ve moved!” Plus, one look at his social media profiles when they first hooked up would have told her he was a greaser from the VERY beginning – Movie over.

Wayne’s World –

PLOT: Small cable access show gets picked up for a TV deal

TODAY: They would be making “$5000” with ads on YouTube already, and have no need for the corporate sponsor – Movie over.

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