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You’ll be hearing a lot about the awesome things I saw at CES over the next week, and next up is the Panasonic “booth”.  I use the term booth extremely loosely, because if you’ve ever been to CES, you understand, that the booths can be larger than most office buildings!  Definitely bigger than my house!

When I hit the Panasonic booth my first stop was a personal hair styling from one of their professional stylists!  I sat down and she asked me what I would like done to my hair.  As someone who simply brushes their hair when they get out of the shower, and pretty much leaves it at that, I told her she could do whatever she wanted.  Not that I know of anything to do with my hair to begin with.  The result?  Fabulous, of course.

2015-01-06 15.22.49


I mentioned on Instagram that my Husband probably wouldn’t even recognize me when I would see him later that day.  What I want you to focus in on, though, in the picture (aside from my RADIANT beauty) is the mirror directly behind me.  This mirror was so cool!  I can definitely see it’s use in a salon, less so in your actual home.  The mirror can superimpose various things on your face.  Want to know how a certain color will look on your hair, you can just select it.  Want to try out some makeup styles before you actual put it on your face, just pick it out too.  Or, just for giggles give yourself a goatee.  I was really impressed with how well it worked with different faces!

My next stop was to check out the kitchen.  There have been some awesome innovations in kitchen gear lately (see my post about another booth later!), but seriously…. the pot that can stir itself??  WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE!

Self stirring… #MindBlown #PanasonicHome #ces2015

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The video doesn’t look like it quite gets the entire pan, but what the video doesn’t show is that the stirrer is attached to some sort of plate looking thing that spans the bottom of the pot.  I really loved this idea!  Babysitting sauce can be a thing of the past, and the less time I spend in the kitchen, the better my mood is for sure. 2015-01-06 15.38.42

From the kitchen I went to check out their home surveillance system.     What impressed me here was that you could record video, without a monthly service fee.  The way they were able to accomplish this is that you can add an SD card to the “hub” device of the system that will house the recordings.  No need for cloud storage, or an internet connection to access the video.  When it seems like everything has a monthly fee/subscription these days, I thought this feature really set it apart from the others out there. I then ventured over to check out their cameras.  They were featuring a 4k camera, and an action camera (much like the rugged nature of the GoPro).  The 4k camera had a setup where you could get in a “canoe” and paddle.  The camera would take a series of pictures while you were actively moving, and you could scroll through them to pick out the absolute best shot.  It was SO cool to see how clear a shot it could get while the person was in motion.    I have to admit.  I really really wanted this camera.

2015-01-06 16.00.03 

They also had Spartan athletes running through a course with their A500 camera.  It did take me a while to figure out how the athletes were getting soaking wet.  Once I got a little closer, I finally found the small hole in the platform that was filled with water.  They were showing how easy it is to continue to be active while wearing the camera and recording high quality 4k video!

My time at the Panasonic booth was definitely spent drooling, in my super nice hairdo!  So many products, and so little time.  Definitely check out their CES microsite to check out all the things I might have missed… of which there are quite a few!

Disclaimer: I was compensated to check out the Panasonic booth as part of a campaign with Techlicious, but was not told what to check out specifically, or what to write about.  Truthfully, I would have checked it out, and written about it anyway.

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