Tech News: Hair Color And Social Media Fail Edition


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This week everyone is talking about The University of New Mexico‘s research in hair technology!  The theory behind their product research is that you can color your hair by etching patterns into it with something that looks like a flat iron.  One issue they are really trying to get to the bottom of, is a way to make it wash out just as easily as you put it in.  Currently the technology would make your hair a certain color permanently, until it grows out.  What they are looking into, though, is a type of conditioner that you would put on your hair prior to applying the flat iron, which would only turn your hair a color until you wash out the conditioner.  Different attachments would yield different color patterns in your hair.

What the technology is really doing is just reflecting light in a certain way that makes it appear that color, so they could make the color change with different types of light as well (so a model could potentially have different hair colors on each trip down the runway as the producers use different lights to shine on the runway!)

In other news, Facebook crashed this week for about 30 minutes.  Police stations reported getting 911 calls about the issue!

Gangee judges you…



Lastly, the Foursquare app recently broke itself into two apps Foursquare and then now Swarm to be used for checkins.  So, things that were combined into one app, you now need two apps to accomplish, and it’s sending many users out the door.  Hey Foursquare, why don’t you ask Netflix how breaking itself into two different services worked out?

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