Tagging People & Pages in Facebook Status

6-22-2011 7-23-49 AMYou see people post on Facebook with hyperlinks to people and pages on Facebook all the time, yet you don’t know HOW to do it!  Facebook has actually made it pretty easy for you now (if not somewhat annoying).  Now if you just start typing a friends name their profile will come up, you can click on it, and instant hyperlink.  The reason I call it annoying is that every time I’m typing the word the my friend Therese pops up.  Hi Therese!

Tagging pages though, still goes by the old method.  When you are writing in your status simply type @ and then start typing the name of the page you are trying to tag.  Such as @Tech (and then my page should pop up if you “like” my page).  Next you just click on the page you are trying to tag, and voila!  Hyperlink!

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