Star Stable, Horse Riding Game Review

This review is sponsored by Star Stable. All opinions are mine and my daughter’s.

My daughter was recently able to check out the game Star Stable.  It couldn’t have come at a more perfect time too, because in the city we live in, last week was our city’s annual festival called “Round-Up”.  It features a horse parade (literally, a parade made up entirely out of horses


and folks that ride them) and ends with a Rodeo that takes place a little more than a mile from our home.


We LOVE round-up week, and these Southern California girls feel pretty darn country during this week, which we embrace fully!  It was definitely the perfect time to try out this game, since she is now currently dying to ride a horse.  Since we don’t actually have access to a real live horse for her to ride (and really, how many people do?) this is definitely the next best thing.


Star Stable is an online horse riding game that has quests for you to accomplish, things to do to take care of your very own horse, challenges to compete against other players, or just allows you to explore the area and socialize with friends. Check out some of the gameplay here…

My daughter loves finding glitches in games, and will watch endless YouTube videos of various glitches for her to try out if I’d let her, as you can see in the video.

As you play the game and complete quests, your character can level up.  You gain new quests and abilities as your levels increase.  The game is free to play up to level 5, so you can definitely check it out and see if it’s something your kids will enjoy playing without any commitment.

While it’s not the educational powerhouse that other games boast, this is a fun, entertaining game that has some educational components and a really fun story to follow.  My favorite educational factors of Star Stable are first the encouragement for reading.  You need to read all of the quests that you will embark on, and the story mode of the game continues to grow!  It can also teach financial responsibility as they manage their star coins and purchase various items.  My daughter was so excited to save up enough coins to buy a pet puppy!  I also love the social skills she is learning from the game.

To alleviate some concerns that I know parents will have for ANY online game (because I have the exact same concerns), all of the chats are automatically moderated and monitored to ensure a safe and fun environment for your child using the CrispThinking technology platform trusted by over 300 major children’s products around the world.

They sometimes run ‘Free Star Rider Weekends‘ where they unlock the whole game for all levels for a limited amount of time. They will let you know on the website when they are running a Star Rider Weekend. They may also announce this on their Facebook fan page and by email, so make sure to check regularly.

All in all, it’s a really fun game.  My daughter has been enjoying playing it, and it’s completely free to check out, so there is nothing to lose.  Go check it out for your kid who is dying to ride some horses, just like my daughter.


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