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I’ve said before that sometimes it’s hard for me to come up with posts simply due to the fact I just don’t know what it is that people don’t know!  I was recently at my sister’s house and we were talking about updating our Facebook pages.  She runs the super popular Super Healthy Kids, and of course you know what I do.  Now that I’m more active on Facebook, I need to schedule my status updates throughout the day.  I work full time, so I can’t really post them during the day.  I was chatting with my sister about my status updates, and she’s like… yeah I just wish you could schedule them!

AH HA!  Something that some people may not know!!  Did you know you can schedule a status update for your page directly from Facebook?  I totally blew my sister’s mind when I told her.  She had assumed that you could schedule updates, but that you could not schedule updates that included a picture.  She was extremely excited to learn how, and so I thought just in case some of my readers didn’t know either, I’d write a post about it.

To schedule an update go to your Facebook page and start writing in the “status” field on the left.  Or if you are adding a photo or video click that link instead.  Upload your photo, or create your status update, and then click on the little clock in the left corner of the update.  Now you can select the time that your update should be published.

It may ask you to enter a date that you created your business.  Just put in any date if you don’t know it, or the right date if you do!

To see posts you have already scheduled click “Edit Page” at the top of your page and then select “Use Activity Log”.  From here you can edit or cancel your post before it goes live.

Happy posting!

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