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When you find something cool on the internet you have several options to save it to refer to it later.  Whether it’s an awesome DIY project you want to try, or that awesome recipe that just made you drool a little.  I actually have several places I save web articles, depending on what I want to do with the article, and depending on what kind of article it is.  Let’s break it down!

Facebook Posts

When someone shares something on Facebook, it drives me a little bit crazy when they say “saving this for later” or they re-share something that the original poster put on it “share to your timeline to save it for later!”  The reason it drives me crazy is that Facebook actually already has a utility built right in for you to save things to refer to later!

When I come across an article that a friend of mine has shared on Facebook, and I either don’t have time right now to read the article, but I want to, or the article has something cool I want to make or do, I simply click the down arrow on the top right of the post, and select “Save”.  It’s seriously THAT simple.



In order to find the post again, just go to your main news feed and look on the left.  At the bottom of your favorites list is a “saved” link.  It will take you right to all of the posts you have saved for later!  YAY!  No more resharing to save (which is a terrible way to “save” anyway, as you then have to scroll past all of your other posts to find whatever it was you were trying to save.)

I usually save stuff here that I find on Facebook, that I want to read, but just don’t have time to read yet.  I will remove it from my saved folder once I have read the article.  If it’s a project or recipe, I’ll usually open up the website and save it with another method.


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Nothing says “I’m saving this for later” like pinning something to Pinterest.  It’s the ultimate repository for everything you want to have/do/be/wear.  What is great about saving things to Pinterest is that you can create various boards and have it really organized.  You want to remember all of the different types of mudrooms you liked so you can build your own?  Find your Mudroom Pinterest board.  Want to try a new science experiment with the kids today?  Open up your “Science Experiments for the Kids” Pinterest board.  It’s really the perfect place to store cool things you find around the internet.

I usually save stuff here that I find on Pinterest, or things I find on Facebook or elsewhere around the net that are recipes, projects, products I want, apps, or other things I want to have/do/be/wear.



Often I will come across an article or post that I either want to write about on one of my blogs, base a project off of, or it’s something I’d like to refer back to (it has great tips, or other reference type materials with things I want to try out).  When I come across something like this, whether it’s from Facebook, Pinterest, or anywhere else, I will open up the main page in a browser and save it to Pocket.  Pocket is a great place to store things that I will create something with later, and then eventually remove it from Pocket.  Again, this is not my absolute end all be all permanent repository.


When I come across an article that I know I want to share to my Facebook page in the very near future, or need to do something with it right away (such as enter a giveaway, or order this thing online, or tell my sister about this), I will add it to TickTick, which is my to do list. That way as soon as I’ve gone back and shared it, or ordered it, or whatever it was I needed to do with it, I check it off my to do list, and then it’s gone.



Which finally brings us to Evernote.  This is where things go to die in my life.  I kid, but really, when I have something I find that I want to save FOR-EV-ER, I will save it to Evernote.  I like how I can organize things in Evernote, and how it’s easily searchable for things I want to refer back to.  I will store things here like favorite exercises, code snippets I use often, magazine articles that I really loved reading, and really anything else I want to keep forever and ever.

So, please, for the love, stop “sharing” to save it for later. There are SO many better ways to get the job done!

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