Runner’s Review of the Monoprice True Wireless Earphones

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About 5 years ago I got really into running. I think the main reason I loved it so much was the peace of just me, the road and some music. You see, I’m a Mom, and my kids TALK A LOT. I don’t really know how they do it, but they are constantly talking. They are kids! How can they possibly have so much to say??

The year I got really into running I raced in 5 half marathons. I have since cut back to at least one-half marathon a year, and sometimes I’ll squeeze in two. I also compete in one or two Spartan races a year too. Needless to say, I do a lot of training. Those long training runs would be incredibly boring without music, so earphones are an absolute must.

Earphones + Small Ears = Disaster

I have always had an issue with earphones though. I have small ears, and they fall out frequently. This is especially true when I’m out for a run. I really can’t keep putting earphones back in my ears during my entire run. It throws off my whole pace! As a result, I have been on a search for the best earbuds for small ears for years.

Wired earphones are the worst to deal with when you are out running. I used to have a whole system rigged through my clothing so the cord wouldn’t keep hitting me and pulling my earbuds out. The system was a pain, and I wouldn’t go back to it if you paid me!

Because of these issues, I have been extremely reluctant to try true wireless earphones. You know, the kind that doesn’t even have a cord between the two parts you put in your ear and just has two little buds, one for each ear. Where you look at them and think to yourself… yeah, I’m totally going to lose these tiny things.

I also was concerned that true wireless earphones would be really bulky and stick out of my ears. I don’t need amazing sound through my earphones, I just want to be able to listen to music while I’m out for a run. So I just need simple earphones that will fit nicely in my ears and stay put.

Monoprice has great deals on electronics like True Wireless Earphones

Since I have been so reluctant to try a pair out, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to try an extremely affordable pair from Monoprice. I was already very familiar with Monoprice’s website. You see, we just remodeled our entire downstairs, and most of the cabling and jacks we got for the project came from Monoprice. The guy doing a lot of our cabling and electrical work said that was the absolute best place to get them, and after we did, we could not agree more. The website had the best selection of the equipment we needed, at amazing prices.

Not only are the products listed on Monoprice’s website excellent quality, they are very affordable, which is exactly the way we like it. They have over 6,500 high-quality, affordable electronics and accessories at a fraction of marketplace prices. This includes products for everything from mobile, cable, audio, computer accessories, 3D printing, home appliances, outdoor and home theater, just to name a few.

The website is extremely easy to navigate. It is broken out into categories. Since most of the products we purchased during our re-model were for our entertainment area, we spent a lot of time in the Audio section, which is also where these earphones happen to be. We were able to wire up our surround sound system and everything is sounding fantastic!

So how do the Monoprice True Wireless Earphones stack up?

I received my Monoprice True Wireless Earphoneswhich only cost $49.99, and was ready to take them for a spin on my next run. 

The first item of business, would the earphones stay in my ears during my sprints, jogs, and the occasional walk? The answer was a resounding yes! I did replace the default medium ear canal cushions with the smaller set included in the box first. These guys not only stayed put, they were actually pretty great at tuning out the rest of the world.

Luckily I run on a trail that is right by my house, so listening for cars on the road isn’t quite as important to me. If you really want to be able to hear everything going on, you have the option to use just the left earphone and leave the right one at home. The left headphone includes a microphone as well, so you can use the earphone to make and receive phone calls.

earbuds for small ears

At first, I had a few issues with the earphones cutting out a bit during my run. I was able to solve this though. I no longer purchase workout clothing that does not include pockets for my cell phone. What can I say, armbands are SO 2015. I found that the pocket on some of my pants are a bit further down my leg. If I was running with the phone in my shorts pocket it wouldn’t cut out, but in the pants, it would. I typically put my phone on the right leg, so I tried putting it on my left leg in the pants (closer to the left earphone) and it stopped cutting out! It also would not cut out when I had the phone in the pocket on my back on my sports bra.

If you are having a problem with them losing connection briefly, try moving your phone to your left side or bringing it higher up on your body. It did the trick for me.

The sound quality is great in these earphones. There isn’t an accompanying app that would allow you to adjust the treble and bass and what not, but I don’t really expect that kind of thing from an inexpensive set like these. However, you can adjust those settings in some of the top music apps like Spotify.

The earphones come with a charging cradle, that can also hold a charge. So, if you are not near an outlet, you can bring the charging case and get a boost on the go. When you remove the earphones from the charging cradle, they do turn on automatically. So, if you are not going to use them right away, make sure to turn them back off.

Through the earphones, you can pause and resume your music, and track forward. You can also answer a phone call by pressing the button on the earphone once or reject the call by pressing twice. The only real complaint I have is that you cannot adjust the volume on the earphones themselves. You have to control it through your phone. When I hit a song I really want to crank up, I have to pull out my phone to do it.

While the earphones are not waterproof, I have definitely done my share of sweating in them (it’s close to 100 degrees around here these days) and they are still holding up great.

Overall these are great little earphones, and I promise they will not fall out of your ears! For the price, you absolutely can’t beat them. Especially if you are prone to lose more expensive models, these work phenomenally well.


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