Remove Yourself from Southwest Airlines Tickets Facebook Scam


Yesterday my Facebook stream was FILLED with friends of mine tagged in the Southwest Airlines Free Tickets Facebook scam.  This scam is particularly nasty because if you fall for it, it will post a picture to your account and tag a whole bunch of your friends.  So if I’m a friend of one of your friends, I’ll see the picture in my stream with my friend tagged in it, even though my friend didn’t actually fall for it.  That is one reason it’s spreading like wild fire.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll probably say it again and again and again… BIG COMPANIES LIKE THIS DO NOT NEED TO DO A GIVEAWAY LIKE THIS!  Maybe they would have a sweepstakes where one person will WIN two tickets, but they aren’t just going to give away that much money when they don’t need to.  And they really don’t need to.  I’ve seen this scam with Walmart gift cards, Costco, Target, etc.  If you see it in your stream, alert your friend that is tagged in the photo to remove the tag.  This will take them out of it, so that their friends don’t fall for it.  Often they don’t even know that they’ve been tagged in the photo, and since they didn’t actually fall for the scam, they don’t know that they are promoting the scam unwillingly.

If one of your friends has fallen for it, and YOU are tagged in the photo, you can remove yourself from the tag by clicking on the image (DO NOT CLICK THE LINK THAT COMES WITH THE IMAGE THOUGH), just click the image.

Now look at the bottom of the image for the word “options”.  Click “options” and then click “report/remove tag”.


Friends don’t let friends be tagged in scams.  😀  (Also, isn’t it great when grown women get excited about a bag full of Girl Scout Cookies!)

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  • Haha, I was maybe, kinda, sorta, totally gonna take this bag from Jill!!

    On another note, thanks for this. I’m sharing it with all my friends who click/fall for anything on facebook!!