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I shared a few months ago on Facebook about a great app my kids were using to learn to play the recorder called JoyTunes Recorder Master. It has been such a big hit with parents that JoyTunes Inc. has created another fabulous app helping both kids and adults learn to play real music on real instruments. It’s called Piano Dust Buster, and it’s a free app for the iPad.

Considering how many people I know that have inherited family piano’s that never get used, I love the name of this app!

Learning a new instrument in the beginning can be very tedious and frustrating, especially for kids. The brilliance behind this app is to make the learning process more fun and motivating. JoyTunes even compiled an elite team of world-renowned musicians and music educators to help create this amazing app.

The secret to this game is in the different levels. They are secret music lessons actually disguised and designed to develop a variety of important musical skills.  My kids loved learning everything from the production of a single note, to the rhythm and timing of complete melodies. You can even help granny dust off her piano while collecting points and bonuses!

Piano Dust Buster is recommended for kids four and up, but even my  three year old loved sitting on by lap and learning along with me. The app works both with a keyboard and real piano too!

Don’t have a piano? That’s okay too! After practicing on our real piano, my daughter didn’t want to stop playing even though we needed to run an errand. We brought the iPad with us in the car, and she was able to continue practicing with the touch piano within the application. The app even has full size keys so as not to confuse players when transitioning from one to the other. So cool!

To learn more about Piano Dust Buster, or to download it  for free, visit itunes HERE.

You can also watch a fabulous video tutorial below:


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