Open Enrollment for Sprint’s Total Equipment Protection

This is a sponsored post written as part of a collaboration for Sprint’s Total Equipment Plus enrollment.  All opinions are my own.

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I need to preface this post with my honest opinion on insurance for phones.  I have always thought they were pretty worthless.  I mean, you pay almost 10 bucks a month on the off chance that you ruin your phone before your contract is up.  Right?  When you do go to get it replaced, you STILL have to pay around 100 bucks to get a refurbished phone, that is probably not as good as the phone you just destroyed.  I always thought, what if you just SAVE that 10 bucks a month, and then you’d be able to just buy a new phone that can at least get you by until your contract is up and you can buy a nice NEW phone.  So, while I had Total Equipment Protection from Sprint on a few of my first phones with Sprint (Palm Pre, I’m looking at you), I was so dissatisfied with my experience with it, that I haven’t signed up again.  I did drop my Palm Pre, and it did crack, and it was a pain to get it fixed.  So my general consensus on “phone insurance” has always been… save your money.

Fast forward to today, when Sprint has now launched Total Equipment Protection PLUS!  When I first had a discussion with them about this new service offering, I had already read the materials on it, and was excited to work with them.  I started launching into my “how I hate phone insurance” spiel, and they started to wonder why I had even agreed to the campaign, when I had to say… “well, let me finish”.  While I think regular phone insurance or equipment protection is kinda a waste of money, I’m definitely on board with this new service.  The reason, is they’ve now given me a reason to give THEM my 13 bucks a month as opposed to putting that money in a shoebox instead.  They have added value, and for that I will happily hand them over my money.  First the Total Equipment Protection Plus plan obviously covers what the initial plan covers, so it’s protected agains loss, theft, damage and device malfunction (outside of the manufacturers warranty) So, what is this value that they have added to the equipment protection plus plans?  I’m so glad you asked.

Antivirus Security – This plan builds antivirus security into your phone, so you can feel confident about what you are installing.  Obviously, I still wouldn’t download really strange looking apps, but it isn’t just apps that can install viruses on your phone.  Even websites that you frequent can get hacked and install something on your phone when you head over there.

Automatic Backups of Contacts, Photos and Videos – Most people use some sort of cloud based product for the majority of their apps.  Notes are stored in Evernote, To do list is in Toodledo, calendar is in Google calendar, etc.  So getting a new phone isn’t typically a big deal.  You sign into all of your accounts, and BAM data is back, except for all of those pictures you’ve taken with your phone!  Let’s be honest, how many people take every day pictures with regular cameras anymore?  All those memories are right there on your phone, and it would be horrible to drop your phone in a lake unexpectedly after a race (not that that’s happened to any of my friends) and lose them all!  With the automatic backup, you will never have to worry about that.  Ever.  And don’t even talk to me about how many people I see on my Facebook feed saying they got a new phone and everyone needs to message them their number again, cause they’ve lost it all.  Excuse me?  it’s 2014, there are ways to prevent that.

One-Click Tech Support! – Yay!  My friends can stop bugging me so much!  I kid, I kid.  But seriously, have you seen those commercials with the Kindle support button?  It’s such a smart concept.  So many people don’t have friends like me, and don’t know where to turn when they need help with their tech products.

So in a nutshell, from the press release “TEP Plus includes a newly upgraded Sprint Protect app powered by Asurion that features automatic backup of contacts, photos and videos and built-in security with enhanced features that guard against viruses, optimize battery use, and monitor access by third-party apps.”

Totally worth it.

Here’s the catch though.  Usually you can only sign up for Total Equipment Protection while you are purchasing your new phone.  To coincide with this launch of TEP Plus though, Sprint is offering an open enrollment for a limited time!  Check out all the details on open enrollment here   You do NOT want to miss out!


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