Now You Can Wake Up to A Spotify Alarm Clock

I’ve been a Google Play paying subscriber for quite a while. During this time we also were paying for a subscription to Spotify for my husband.┬áThe┬ákids and I were all using Google Play though. Forever, my husband tried to get me to convert to Spotify, and yet I resisted. Then we got an awesome new music player for kids, the Jooki, and it integrated with Spotify.

I finally decided to take the leap and change my playlists and everything else I listen to over to Spotify. I just couldn’t keep justifying the fact that Spotify was more of an open platform, and many 3rd party services were tapping into it. What can I say, I’m a sucker for integration.

So, this week when Google announced an integration with Spotify, I knew I had made the right choice. I mean, if Google Play Music was going to integrate with anything, it would at LEAST be Google… right?

The news is that the Google Clock, which is available in the Google Play Store, now has the ability to set a Spotify song or playlist for you to wake up to!

Spotify alarm clock

Once you have turned off your alarm, you are able to choose to continue to listen to Spotify as you get ready for the day. Why Google didn’t choose Google Play Music for its integration is a little bit beyond me. It mainly goes to show me though, that integrations for the platform are not being developed.

Why I’m fully on board with Spotify now.

On the other hand, Spotify is becoming integrated with smart speakers across the board and even smoke detectors, except of course, for the Apple AirPod which doesn’t like to play nice with other platforms altogether.

You can also find amazing podcasts through Spotify, like our new podcast Family Tech Talk.

It did take me a while to get used to the user interface, but I love the fact that I can save various albums. I’ve never been the type to just listen to a whole album from start to finish. I typically create mixes of songs for various moods or genres. However, there are a few albums that I do enjoy listening all the way through. I love the fact that Spotify allows me to save “albums” so I can just tap on my favorites and start listening.

The ONLY real problem I still have with Spotify is the handling of local music files. Not every artist is available on Spotify, like Garth Brooks. Yes, I can create a playlist and download that list to my phone. These can include local files. However, I cannot save an entire album to the “albums” section from local files. Once that gets fixed, I’ll never look back to Google Play Music again.

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