My House of the Future

Sometimes I envision what the future will be like.  Sometimes I really want to create it.  Here is what I think the home of the future will be like.

The home of the future is completely online and connected, this is what I mean…

First, everything is connected.  From your appliances, to your car, rooms, phone, TV’s, computers, etc.

Here is a typical day in the life of the connected home.

The small LCD in your bedroom wall has a large clock.  The alarm goes off in your room, you walk across the room and use the touch screen LCD to dismiss your alarm.  When you deactivate it you can see the family schedule for the day, your to do list (or whatever else you program it to show you when you dismiss your alarm)  I have the basics of what the schedule for the day will look like with the planner I created  

You go downstairs and start to make breakfast and notice that you are running low on milk.  You add milk to your shopping list that is on the LCD on the refrigerator.  (This list can then be accessed through a mobile site, or texted or emailed to someone).  Each LCD is programmed for its location.  Such as the fridge LCD defaults to show today’s menu, shopping list and to do list (if that is what you want it to show), the small “room” LCD’s would be programmed with the schedule for the day, a clock and the to do list.  There is also a small notification that has appeared at the bottom of the LCD’s in the house stating that the dishwasher has completed it’s cycle and the dishes are done.  It also has let you know that the “jet dry” is getting low in the dishwasher.  When it informs you that the Jet Dry is low, it will add a button for you to automatically add it to your shopping list.

You stick the laundry in the washing machine and you start a load.  You hop in the car and drive the kids to school.  The LCD shows your to do list, it has all of your music & movies that you have on the server at home available to you on the LCD’s in the car.  You select your favorite playlist and the tunes start playing (no need for an mp3 sync as the music syncs automatically when the car is at home).  The kids want to watch one of their DVR’d shows in the back seat and they select it and start watching.  This would require the home server to also serve as the DVR for the home, where you load all of your digital copy movies, your music and TV shows to the server and it’s accessible from any TV in the home.  While you are at your child’s school helping with the class party you remember that you need to call your friend about Girls Night this weekend.  You pull out your phone and add Call Friend RE GNO to your to do list (which is now on your home LCD’s as well).  While you are adding this to your list you see that your child has left the light on in your house and you click the button to turn the light off to help conserve energy. 

Since your mobile phone is connected to the home network, a notification pops up while you are out saying the washing machine has completed its cycle and is ready to be transferred over (this notification also displays in the home, you pick which devices get certain notifications).  You get home and notice that the dryer sheets are low in the laundry room.  On the dryer’s LCD display it has an “add dryer sheets to shopping list” button (washing machine also has similar buttons for softener, bleach, detergent).  You click the button and it’s added to the list.   

Your schedule beeps that it’s time for you to clean the kitchen and you get to work…

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  Obviously some of the items are already in place, some require a whole new server operating system specifically designed for home use.  Partnerships with an appliance company, a car company, a cell phone manufacturer, a computer hardware company, and a home builder would be essential (and perhaps some super rich early adopters…) 

So attention all of my favorite brands (I’m looking at you Microsoft, Dell, Bosch, and Ford!)  Get on this and make it happen, cause I sure want to live here!

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